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The challenge in mobile is to hide our favorite information from prying eyes, we all try to do this, because there is no human without mobile secrets and that is not wrong.

Because it is one’s own right to use certain things unknowingly according to one’s will, but no one gets proper help in this matter.

But we have created a great opportunity for our web friends and it took us a long time to choose this opportunity.

As always, we have selected this Audio Volume Vault application from Google’s official website play store, this application is an audio manager application.

All it looks and feels like is an audio manager, but it has a secret way to hide all your important documents in the volume up and down buttons.

No one can find it, because it is an audio application, which guarantees your security 100%, protecting your information as a shield that no one can guess.

Note: We have clearly given all the additional information related to this application, the comments made by its creator, read and benefit from the given below.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleAudio Manager Vault
Nowadays Installs500,000+
App Size4MB
Offered ByMizzOraninlky
App PolicyPrivacy
AddressGujrat, India

Audio Manager Vault: Hide photos, videos, audios, notes.

The Audio Manager Gallery Vault is a smart and secret vault to hide photos and videos from the gallery.
Hide your photos and videos behind the secret Audio Manager.


  • Photos & videos protection: hidden files can only be accessed with the correct password.
  • Security lock: hide your files behind the audio manager secret lock and open the vault by entering the correct passcode and fingerprint (supported devices).
  • Create Securite Notes: Create secret notes inside the vault and access them only by entering the correct passcode.
  • Hide Audios: you can also hide mp3 files inside the vault.
  • Share hidden files: you can also share hidden files from the vault with security.
  • Image Slideshow: Image Slideshow with custom duration
  • fingerprint Unlock: you can also open the vault with your fingerprint (Supported devices)
  • Fake passcode: Fake passcode will display an empty vault.
  • Passcode Recovery: In case of forgot passcode you can recover it by Entering the correct Security Question/Answer.
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Android Audio Volume Manager Vault IND shorts
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Mobile Audio Volume Manager Vault IND shorts
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Audio Volume Manager Vault app play store IND shorts
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How does it work?

It’s an audio manager application that lets you hide your photos, videos, etc. in plain sight.

This way no one can see or discover that your photos and videos are hidden in secret.

How to download?

The download option is available on the website as you continue to read and travel, take it with you and download and use it.

Audio Volume Manager Vault app
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Let’s say a few words!

There may be many secrets in the mobile phone, if it is seen by other people, we will think that we will have many problems.

We cannot delete the secret because of the fear of others, it may be something that is attractive to our mind.

We need a help to keep such thing safe, we took a lot of time to find it and decided to compile it and make this article, share it with your friends and use it too.

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