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Note: Our team has now found that this application has been removed from Google Play Store, so if you want to use such applications then you can check Vault Apps which are recommended by Play Store till now, here is your chance.

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play store details of vault app

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleVault App
Nowadays Installs10+
App Size6.47M
Offered ByTopHat Software
App Policy

Audio Manager is an advanced gallery vault app in which you can secretly hide your gallery’s photos and videos.

The audio manager app provides Gallery vault and Audio Manager control on your android phone.
On the first screen of the app, there is an Audio Manager interface in this screen you can adjust the volume of different audio options and by using the secret method you can use the Actual vault.

How to open Actual Vault

  1. Tap and hold on to the Audio Manager title to open the actual vault.
  2. Set your secret pincode.
  3. Now you can access actual vault.

Features of this app

  • Hide photos and videos.
  • Hide audio files.
  • Save secret notes.
  • Pincode lock/ Fingerprint lock.

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How to install it?

The opportunity to download the application is available by clicking on the link below.
Installing it on a mobile phone will help protect your confidential photos and videos, which means asking for permission to hide them.
Note that if all things are done correctly and the application is installed, all your secrets will be protected by this application.

Audio Level Manager Vault Details
Stop AppLockSecret Torch
Chat LockSecret Pattern

Keep photos, videos, etc. secret, this audio vault application is great for anyone who thinks that what we have hidden should not be known to others, so share it with your friends.

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