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We understand that you have been looking for an opportunity to hide the applications on your mobile safely from prying eyes.

That’s why we have selected the best application among all and have clearly compiled all related photos, videos and developer comments.

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Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleHide Apps
Nowadays Installs1000,000+
App Size7.77MB
Offered ByZipoApps
App Policy
AddressBnei Dan 24 TLV 6226012

Secure Folder: Hyde – Free App Hider will hide apps, photos, videos, WhatsApp, or any other app you want in a hidden app vault!

The super-simple yet amazingly efficient Hyde tool is the ultimate App Hider! Hiding apps has never been easier. That’s why it’s important to protect your privacy.

Hide Apps and protect your privacy: Safe and private app hider for apps like Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Gallery, etc. You can also hide the Hyde app so no one knows Hyde has been installed. It’s time to make your phone genuinely private and let other users of the phone see only what you want them to see.

HOW TO USE App Hider

  • Double-tap on the screen and use pattern lock to hide an app.
  • To unhide the secret apps, double-tap the screen and draw your pattern lock.
  • When you open the app hide launcher the first time and select apps, it will ask you to set a pattern. You can change this pattern later.
  • You do not need to do extra work for hiding applications. Just select apps shown inside the Hyde apps. It automatically hides the Hyde application as well.

Hide Apps in a Hidden Folder in less than two seconds. Your privacy is your choice. Hyde Free App Hider – the safest and easiest way to hide apps instantly!


  • photos & videos from strangers or friends asking for your phone.
  • apps and the sensitive information
  • games or apps from your kids
  • apps where you have payment information

With our hiding apps tool, you can also hide our app, and users will never know what you have hidden apps.

Now it’s time to make your phone 100% private and hide apps in your app vault. Hiding apps has never been easier – Hyde is the ultimate tool to instantly hide apps and other media!

Download the hidden app launcher and hide/unhide apps with a double-tap and your pattern lock!

Powerful App Hider: Hyde became a default tool to hide apps on Android devices throughout history. Hyde is so rich in features that it’s got a whole set of nicknames from our amazing users:

Hidden App Launcher, Hide Apps Tool, Hide Photos & Videos App, Hidden Folder, or Free App Hider. Regardless of what you call it, once you install Hyde, you receive a smart tool that will help protect your privacy and hide apps, photos, videos, etc.!

Apps Hider For Android 2022 IND shorts
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How does the application work?

Once installed on the phone you will know that it is a launcher application, whereas it can generate some passwords.

Doing so twice or three times continuously on your mobile display will open a secret compartment at the back where you can hide your important applications.

How to install it?

You will get the option to install at the end of the website article, after reading all the information thoroughly, follow the opportunity below and download it from the play store and use it, you will get updates regularly. For more info mean please see the video.

Play Store Apps Hider For Android
Calendar VaultPhoto Lock
Privacy DashboardSmart App Locker

My point of view

Our team is proud to think that we have provided the best opportunity to secure android apps. So share this information with your friends.

The reason is that the world has changed to such an extent that security is the most important thing to protect a person’s mobile, so much so that a person has started storing all his relevant information in the mobile, so pay attention to this.

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