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We have designed an article that will satisfy all those who are thinking of keeping some photos and videos which can be considered as personal secrets on mobile without any prying eyes.

Welcome to this article with full confidence, you can freely give your phone to everyone without worry, no one can see and have a chance to see the secret photos videos hidden in your phone.

They can’t even imagine it, we’ve picked an application that’s so great and compiled it all for your viewing pleasure in an easy-to-understand manner, including additional information about it, comments and photos of its creators.

Not only that, we are also giving you the opportunity to download this application directly from Google’s official website, Play Store.

What is your job? Take some time to read this information and finally use the opportunity below to go to play store and download the application directly and save your documents.

Play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleVault App
Nowadays Installs50,000+
App Size1.70MB
Offered ByJeilleeiJoubM
App Policy

Calendar Vault Lock used to Hide photos & videos: This app is a Gallery vault app, and you can hide or lock your personal photos and video files from the gallery, only you can access hidden photos & videos by a secret passcode.

Core Features

  • Lock/Hide photos & videos
  • Lock/Hide audios
  • Create secret notes
  • Secure with secret Passcode
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Passcode recovery by Question-answer
  • Fake passcode for fake empty vault
  • Slideshow for hidden photos
  • Share locked files directly from the vault
  • Delete locked files directly from the vault

How to open the Calendar Vaul?

Answer: When you open this app you will see a calendar, now you can access the vault by tapping and Holding on the Calendar title.

Set a secret passcode

Answer: Now the app will ask you to set a new secret passcode to access the vault in the future, you can set your choice passcode.

Set Question/Answer

Answer: (Optional)After setting the secret password, For passcode recovery the App will ask you to select a question & give an answer of that question.

Access the actual vault

Answer: After setting the passcode now you can access the actual vault by tapping and Holding on the Calendar title and entering the passcode.

Is locked or hidden files will be deleted after uninstalling this app?

Answer: No, locked/hidden files will not be deleted after uninstalling the app because this app will save all locked/hidden files into your phone storage.

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How does this application work?

Once installed, this application is a calendar on your phone that you can use to view the day, week, month, holidays, etc.

But, you can create a password on the back of it and hide all the documents you need there, you can’t even think about it. There is a secret room on the back of it, where you have hidden photos, it has the power to deceive others.

Downloading the application?

You will have the opportunity to download this application on the play store, it is not very convenient to replace it.

Because, our team’s biggest advice is to download the applications only from the official website.

Accept it and install the application by getting direct play store access from this website article.

Best Calendar Vault App Play Store
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my word

Everyone has a secret in their mobile phone, and there is an environment in people’s minds that it is better if those secrets are not revealed to other eyes for a few days.

We started writing this website article with an aim to suggest something to help them during those few days.

It is also noted that we have got the satisfaction of recommending an excellent android wallet app, now we are only looking forward to your feedback, please post it in the comment box below and we will reply soon.

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