Calendar Secret Vault

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Everyone has a secret, as well as everyone has secret photos, so secret photos taken are more important to an individual, but it is not so easy for him to share with others, for example, photos taken between lovers can not be shared with others, although currently can be shared They are the ones who are forced to hide it safely in the situation.

Everyone takes their photos on their mobile, so it is important to keep them on your mobile so that the photo, which can bring back good memories in the future, is hidden in the present and even more important.

It should be kept secret so that it cannot be seen by others. We have come to help in that regard. The subject of the article is a Calendar Secret Vault.

secret calendar app for android

This secret calendar app is a normal calendar to watch, but the best strategy is to hide your important photos and videos in the back section. While this is normal to hear, you will reap innumerable benefits when using this.

This application has the power to deceive others and protect your secrets. This application is taken from the official website of Google, so its uniqueness is that all the applications in the Google Play Store are excellent, so they can be used.

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how to work secret calendar app for android

We have searched the Google Play Store and found the best application because it is an application that helps to protect your privacy.

If you look at how this application works, it looks like a day indicator when opened, it shows us all the good times, bad times, days of the week, days of the month, days of the year, the viewers will know what the day time is like by opening it.

We can still hide our secret photos and videos in the backyard, just like a secret room in a house, but we can still find that secret room, but only we can hide the secret photos and videos in the back. It will work better.

secret calendar

Calendar Vault App

We have created a separate section to learn about the calendar app hider, you need to see that section, you can know everything there and download it, there is an opportunity for that below, so we hope you will know the complete information about the application by clicking the link below.

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