Date Calendar Vault For Android

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Important, first thing to note: Some Vault that can help to hide our important information.
We select the applications from Play Store and present them to you in article form on our website, in which some applications that do not follow the policy or may be removed for some other reason.

So, we found this Calendar Vault application was removed, this may be due to policy violation, only those applications that follow the policy will continue to be in the google play store and we can use it.

As such we have come to inform you that this Calendar Vault application is not available in the play store, but if you are interested in such a Vault application, you can find the best application currently in the play store, click here.

It is more imperative to protect our important information on mobile than on mobile, in which we think of hiding some information from our loved ones.

That means there are some photos that we can’t share even with our loved ones and friends, there are secrets that captivate our hearts, even if we don’t keep that secret forever, we think that no one should know it for some time.

In this website article you are going to see an opportunity to lock and hide some of the secrets that you may think so.

That means it looks like a normal calendar, but at the back of it you have a great secret room (Date Calendar Vault) that you can open and lock only if you think, and no one else can open it and more importantly, no one will suspect it.

Because it’s just a date display on the front, but when you touch a secret date it can automatically open the room, so important and safe and the best thing is to hide all the information from prying eyes.

So we decided to give you the best help about this and started writing the website article about it as always, but we recommend you to get all the more information about it from play store.

So, check out and download all information about Date Calendar Vault app with photos.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleVault App
Nowadays Installs10,000+
App Size14MB
Offered ByVClip
App Policy

Calendar Vault: Private Photo Vault is a must-have application for protecting your privacy as you can hide each of the media files using a password. Hide it Pro can securely hide your photos and videos on your iPhone. Never worry about your secrets getting leaked.

Private Photo Vault is the ultimate privacy app for photos, videos, notes, and other information on your iPhone. Its deceptive and disguised design makes it impossible for hackers and other users from discovering your hidden data.

Add photos from the library or take a new image or even a selfie. Calendar Vault – Private Photo Vault is password protected so that only you and no one else can access photos or videos.

Media Locker Pro: Powerful and free way to protect your private photos and videos in Calendar Lock. It’s easy to use, offers several optional levels of security, and cleverly blends in with your existing apps.

Protect safely and securely your photos and videos from your nosey friends and family. Simply add the photos from your library or capture them directly through the app. Calendar Vault – Private Photo Vault is password protected so no one will be able to access your videos or photos!

Prevent unauthorized access to music files, pictures, and videos.

  • Password lock available
  • All of your videos, photos, and notes are password protected now
  • Security question if you forget password
  • Supports Videos, Pictures, Photos, and many other file formats like .ppt, .txt, .rar, etc
  • Export options available besides copy, paste, move
  • Create Multiple photo/video albums and share unlimited photos/videos inside them. Supports GIF Files too.
  • Customize the album by changing its name or thumbnail
  • Add photos/videos to the album by Phone Gallery, from iTunes, or directly from the Camera
  • View photos and videos in the inbuilt picture viewer and video player
  • Email photos/videos to others from inside the app
  • Move photos/videos to other albums
  • Unhide photos/videos back to your phone gallery
  • You can directly do audio recordings, video recording, and photo capture from within the app itself and these files go to the protective folder directly
  • If you open the phone after you have locked it, then you have to enter the passcode again.

Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe: Hide pictures & photos securely and conveniently in Photo Locker! – The ultimate hidden gallery app for hiding photos on Android.

Media Locker: Hide Pictures & Videos: Sensitive photos from your Android photo gallery can be kept safely locked away in a secure Photo Locker accessible only via a secret PIN code.


  • Password Protected App Entry
  • Pin Lock
  • Calendar Lock
  • Password Protected Photo Albums
  • (Keep people out of your private albums)
  • Break-in Report: Photo + GPS
  • Decoy Password


  • Create Albums right in the Calendar Lock
  • Import/Export from Photo Calendar Lock
  • Wireless Photo Transfer
  • Text Message Photos


  • Image Gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Intuitive Interface just like Photo Calendar Lock

Photo Locker is the only app you will need to hide your private photos on your Android device. Very easy to use and maintain your privacy, Photo Locker protects your photos and prevents them from coming into your Gallery. One of the best apps to hide and lock your photos, we help you maintain your privacy.

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Data Calendar Vault For Android app IND shorts
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Note: All your photos stored in Private Photo Vault are 100% private. Your photos are only stored on your device and are never uploaded to our servers. We cannot remotely access your photos.

How does it work?

The way it works is completely different, i.e., it is a normal calendar as we have read above.

But it can use the key date as a secret, a secret compartment at the back where you can hide all your documents, which can fool completely blind people.

How to download it?

Note that the opportunity to download the application is very easy on the web site, it is only a direct link to the Play Store.

Because not only this recommended Date Calendar Vault application from Play Store but the right solution is to download any application directly from the official website Play Store.

So, we have given that path very clearly in green color inside the article, take advantage of it.

Data Calendar Vault For Android
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My opinion

Everyone has the need to keep some information secret in the mobile, because there is nothing wrong in hiding some photos, videos, resources in the present which will give delicious experiences in the future.

Save information now that you think will be helpful to share more with everyone in the future and have a delicious experience.

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