White Clock Phone Vault: Hide photo & video

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Although there are many vault applications that can protect mobile documents, all of them are easy to find.

Change all that with a clock vault application that you are about to see now, this application is taken from play store.

This article contains information and photographs taken from there, all of which can create an easy understanding for you.

And with this application you will get the security of all your information, we are waiting to compile all of them. Come and travel in the article.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleHide photo & video
Nowadays Installs500+
App Size3MB
Offered ByKGFMOB
App PolicyPrivacy
Why Use ThisRequired

Now you can lock your sensitive photo and video in a private folder using this secure locker app.

Gallery photo vault is a great privacy protection app to keep private photo videos and lock the files you do not want other people to see on your device.

Clock lock is a personal vault app. You can secretly hide private images, secret videos, personal call recording audio & important documents.

It looks like a simple clock but behind it, all your secret data hide. Your data will be securely stored in a vault and can only be viewed after setting a password.

This photo and video hide app hide your data on your phone. So it is 100% safe and secures your personal data.

This app to hide photos and videos can easily transfer photos, videos, and document files from the phone vault to your public gallery.

More Features

Hide photo, video, and document: Simply select the list of files you want to hide and click on move to vault.
This clock vault app keeps your image, video, and document file absolutely secure on your phone.

Restore photos, video, and documents: Once you hide your personal data inside a phone vault, You can restore your data anytime whenever you needed.

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  1. Hide all types of data Media (Audio, video, image) and documents (txt, HTML, doc, pdf, Xls, ppt, etc).
  2. Fingerprint lock: Unlock with a fingerprint.
  3. App protection: protect the app from accidentally uninstall by someone.
  4. Personal photo viewer, audio player, and video player.


READ & WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: This permission is used to hide an image, video, and audio file.

MANAGE EXTERNAL STORAGEThis app use this permission to hide document files(excel, word, pdf, txt, Html, etc).

DEVICE ADMIN PERMISSIONThis permission is used to protect unwanted uninstalled by someone else.

Important: Your data are stored only on your phone. So please restore all your data before uninstalling this app. Make sure to back up all your hidden files before factory resetting or transferring to a new device.

White Clock Hide photo video 2022 IND shorts
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White Clock Hide photo video app IND shorts
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White Clock Hide photo video android IND shorts
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White Clock Hide photo video app 2022 IND shorts
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Best White Clock Hide photo video IND shorts
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android White Clock Hide photo video IND shorts
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Mobile White Clock Hide photo video IND shorts
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White Clock Hide photo video mobile app IND shorts
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How does it work?

It’s a clock application, viewers will think it is, and when you match the big pin and the small pin in the right place.

A secret password will be generated, and a room will open where you can hide your information.

Chance to download?

The possibility of downloading will be Play Store, the access method will be available in our article.

You can easily download it and it is a must have on your mobile.

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Take some time

Some applications are mandatory to have on your mobile, so this android application that you have seen this website article must have on your mobile.

It has more power to protect your information and hide it from prying eyes.

Notably, it always protects your photos, videos, etc. as a shield.

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