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Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleVault Apps
Nowadays Installs50,000+
App Size5.20M
Offered ByGSW Connect
App Policy
AddressRua Senador Felipe Schmidt, 105, ap 21, Centro Joinville, SC, 89201-440

This app is disguised as a Flashlight app, which can be used to turn on/off LED lights. But if you long-press the torch title, the real vault will open and you can hide the photos and videos you want.

Hide and save your photos and videos from your mobile gallery and easily access them using a password or fingerprint lock (if available on your phone) in the torch vault app.


  • Hide photos and videos
  • Hide audio files
  • Unlocking by password and fingerprint
  • Save files to google drive whenever you want, so you can transfer to another phone whenever you want.

It’s an easy and smart way to hide your personal photos and videos

Finger VaultAudio Vault
Torch VaultCaller Themes
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Image Of Play Store
unnamed 12 1 IND shorts
Image Of Play Store
unnamed 13 1 IND shorts
Image Of Play Store
unnamed 14 1 IND shorts
Image Of Play Store
unnamed 15 1 IND shorts
Image Of Play Store
unnamed 16 1 IND shorts
Image Of Play Store
unnamed 17 1 IND shorts
Image Of Play Store

How to install the application?

  • The opportunity to download the application has been created in the Play Store and the opportunity to access it is on our website.
  • It is worth noting that some permission may be granted when installing this application on mobile.
  • It is worth noting that if all things are done correctly you can create the best room in the back to create your password.
Torch Vault Flashlight - Hide Photos and Videos

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