Ultra Volume Control Styles

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We welcome you to this section looking for this Ultra Volume Control Styles application that can colorize your mobile volume button with the most beautiful butterfly look.

Everyone loves things like this for sure, because there will be no one who does not like beauty, and we are proud to recommend this application that can beautify your mobile phone in that way.

Note: However, read the information below for a while and read it clearly.

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Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleUltra Volume Control Styles
Nowadays Installs5,000,000+
App Size7.09M
Offered ByZipoApps
App PolicyPrivacy
AddressBnei Dan 24 TLV 6226012
Why Use ThisRequired

Customize volume slider panel with aesthetic styles and themes

Personalize your device’s UI with a custom volume control panel. Quick setup and smooth controls. Design a custom volume slider or use some of the volume control panel cool skins available in the app!

The easiest way to change volume control styles and customize your device as you wish! Ultra Volume is the customization tool designed to replace your phone’s volume slider with a new style controller. It provides many different sliders for volume streams including alarms and notifications.

Smooth animations and responsiveness: Each custom control volume panel is built independently and mimics the exact smooth animations and responsiveness you would expect to delight your experience.

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Key Features, Unique volume slider styles

  • Custom ROMs
  • Status bar & navigation bar integration
  • Android 10 Vertical
  • Android 8 Horizontal
  • iOS 13
  • MIUI
  • OxygenOS
  • OneUI
  • Many more custom volume slider panels inside!

More Info

  • Full colour customization!
  • Gradient slider: Add a beautiful customizable gradient on any skin. Flowing animation available.
  • Layout arrangement: Set your desired size and exact position on the the the the the screen. Only show the volume streams you want in the expanded form.
  • Behaviour control: Adjust the time for the control to stay on screen. Play a vibration when the the the the the volume limit is reached.
  • Media output chooser: Select where to play music from the connected Bluetooth devices. Live captions button available.
  • Side swipe gesture: Swipe from the edge of your screen to open up the volume panel, instead of using the physical buttons. The gesture works reliably. Additional quick tile to open the panel.
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All sliders

  • Media and Bluetooth volume
  • Ring volume
  • Notification volume
  • Alarm volume
  • Voice call volume
  • Bluetooth call volume
  • System sounds volume
  • Cast volume for other devices
  • Brightness

Enjoy a high-quality aesthetic volume control experience and make the UI your own. You can set everything up easily.

This app uses Accessibility services

  • Create a custom volume control panel with the Ultra Volume app’s unique themes and styles.
  • Highly customizable Volume Control Button
  • Replace your system volume control panel with a volume slider panel override service.
  • Chose from a variety of different skins and create a beautiful volume control panel on your phone in a few seconds!
  • Design your perfect volume control panel for a great user interface.
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Downloading this application?

  1. You need to go to the Play Store to download the application, the opportunity for which is designed below.
  2. Installing the application on the mobile will give some permission and only then will it be able to do its job.
  3. If all things are done correctly you can now edit your normal mobile volume control panel very nicely.

It is best to share this Ultra Volume Control Styles application that will help everyone, many of you who think that they want to make their mobile look beautiful, recommend this web article to them.

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