Secret Clock, Hide Photos, Videos & Files

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This website article will definitely help you if you are upset that by any means we hide photos on mobile, they are easily found by others, yes no one can even think of the videos, photos, etc.

That you can hide, it is with such a special secret clock mechanism We are going to do. We are going to teach you that in this web article

What is Secret Clock? What is it used for?

Usually, many photos and videos are taken by mobile, all photos and videos can not be shared with friends and relatives in public places, some photos are confidential photos and in the future, those photos can be shared with everyone.

But sharing or viewing that photo with others in the present is likely to cause a lot of stress, so we can not destroy good memories for fear of it, it is necessary to save them.

So we need to lock these photos in a better way, we are going to recommend you a great Secret Clock application today, this application was taken from the official website of Google, you can use it after fully knowing, the opportunity that is given below on our website.

And you may be wondering how this application works. It looks like a sack that encloses by a drawstring. The exact hour, time, minute and second as always. But inside there are some secret things.

Privacy IndicatorBest Camera Notch

How does Secret Clockwork?

Secret Clock Can you handle and hide your important photos and videos on the back of it, but viewers will see that it is a normal watch.

So, viewers will not think much about it, it would be such a special act, despite the fact that we recommend this application is a private human secret Very powerful in defence

Note: The important things of a mobile user should be protected because the mobile is an object that carries the important things of man, so with this in mind, we recommend this Secret Clock app.

However, we have included all the things related to this below in this article, you should see it clearly below Click on the link to know all the information related to the Play Store and then download and use it.

Clock Vault - Hide Photos, Videos & Hide Files

Clock Vault App

Clicking on the link below will take you to all the information related to the Play Store, from there you will be able to download and use all the relevant information clearly, and share your thoughts about this article with us in the comment box below. Thank you for your visit and patience.

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