Analog Clock Vault: Secret Media Lock

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So far you have come across many clock vault applications, but this is an Analog Clock Vault application that is different from all of them.

Yes, this is the article about this application which is so special that it will reflect a great look that is not easily guessed by others, and no one will ever find out that your secret documents are there.

Maybe those who find it try to open it by entering the wrong password and their photo will be recorded. And this clock application can tolerate other icons without the clock icon on the home screen.

At the same time this application can be locked so that no one can uninstall it, this Analog Clock Vault application includes many such features.

It means that it is completely different and secure application from the lock vault applications you have seen so far, which can easily confuse others. So, let’s see the information about the application.

Note: There are two types of section created here, we will discuss some related information with you, if that discussion is enough then you can directly download from play store.

Or if you need more details, we have attached a section with comments from the creator, you can go there and download it. Both are set up for you, so let’s move on to the website.

App WorkClock Vault
OfferedPhoto Tools Maker
PublishedGoogle Play

How does Analog Clock Vault work?

It helps to hide documents later like all class vault applications. However, some different methods are given in this.

First: This means that when people who know about it open it and enter the wrong password, their photo will be recorded, so you can know who did that, and then you can do more secure things.

Second: There is something special about everything. This application can be locked so that no one can uninstall it.

Yes, if you know that there is such an application, if you uninstall the application, the hidden photo will appear in the gallery.

So a chance to prevent this is attached to it as it is an Analog Clock Vault application that protects all the different and secure mobile secrets.

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Note: As mentioned in the article we have created two parts, first part clicks on this to get direct access to the play store. If you are doing this, then the information read in this article is enough for you to trust the Play Store.

The second option is to go to the install Google Play Store section after reading all the comments made by the developer and use the green button below to get it.

Discussion of Analog Clock Vault:

After a long time, we are proud to write an article about a best Clock Vault application. However, mobile users may have separate mobile secrets, some of which may not be shared with anyone.

Therefore, this is an article created with this Analog Clock Vault application that I got while doing training in an effort to give the best Vault app for those who want to keep (watch) it secretly on their mobile without ever deleting it.

This will be beneficial for everyone, because Google Play Store only publishes applications that follow the policy. So, use it and recommend it to your friends.

Important: It is important to note that in the future if there is an error with the application, the play store will automatically delete it.

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