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There is usually no one without mobile privacy, so much personal privacy becomes a man’s main bridge. Especially the reason that there is a thing called mobile society is that there is no person without a mobile phone, so mobile has become close to everyone.

So a man wants to keep things such as photos, videos taken on mobile a secret. That is, you can’t share all the videos and photos with everyone, and you can’t delete some documents for fear of others.

So that’s why some privacy vault helper is needed for that purpose, such help is given in this article, it looks like a clock application, but it has a room at the back, and it shows you the best room where you can hide your photos, videos, documents, etc. It can be placed in a safe place where the onlookers don’t have to think about it.

Note: All the information about this best privacy vault app android is collected from the play store based on the news of this article and given below, there may be some changes in the future depending on the status of this application.

Details about this Privacy Vault application: Not only this world application but we can see many such applications, but our website is concerned about the welfare of the users and recommend you get the application only from the quality Google play store.

The reason is that not all the applications from there follow the best policy, maybe if any policy violation is found it will be automatically removed in the future and that information will also be communicated to the users, get this from such a special site (best vault app for android).

Play Store Details

App Size4MB
Nowadays Installs10,000+
PublishedAug 28, 2019
Offered ByHot Storm Apps
Official WebsiteNA
Application Policy
AddressDHA II Islamabad

Privacy Vault – Protect your photos & videos easily with this application. Timer locker-All gallery locker app that will help you to protect the privacy of your secret files, private photos, and private videos. Now you can lock your all-personal documents with the most protected secure app known as Clock Vault-Hide all photos& videos.

It works as a digital clock and also as a photo locker, gallery locker, audio files locker, and video locker easily. It is a safe photo vault, Private videos safe vault. Secret videos and secret photos are secured and protected by this application. Hide your stuff which may include your photos, videos, and audio mp3 files, documents.

This application is a solution to your problems like How to hide your photos. How to hide private videos? How to lock a photo gallery? How to hide personal data? How to lock audio files? How to hide my girlfriend’s photos on my phone? All these are problems or queries you face in your daily life. The solution is only one that is a Clock Vault-Photo locker &video locker for the phone.


  • Clock Vault-All photo & video locker
  • Password vault-Hide your photos and videos in the phone
  • Icon changer
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Pin lock
  • Captures the intruder’s picture whenever password insertion is incorrect
  • Vault-All picture gallery hider& locker.
  • World clock-All Photos & videos hider
  • Time lock-Privacy vault for your private photos
  • Hidden media vault
  • Hide all media files in the clock vault
  • Import and hide pictures, hide video from the photo gallery.
  • Capture photos and record videos from the camera by this Gallery Lock and hide photos and videos inside the app.
  • Create a new private hidden note with an inbuilt editor inside Gallery Locker.
  • Finger Print Detection will help you to enter the vault or open an app lock without the need to enter the password in supported devices.
  • Use the restore function from the Gallery locker when you want to show pictures and videos in the mobile gallery.

It is the most secure application that will let you have a private photo-locking ability, and you can make a secure personal vault where you can place your stuff easily. Further, it will also give you the suspect’s photo whenever someone tries to open this vault with the wrong password.

All the secret videos and secret pictures are completely encrypted and hidden from the phone gallery. Time secret vault-Hide your photos and videos easily.

You will be accessible to the photos and videos and also to your music files and documents by inserting the password or fingerprint.

Pic locker and video locker applications will give you another feature with which you can change the icon. Clock the vault-Hide your photos & videos.

How to use it?

  • First, you need to set a password with a pin or fingerprint ID.
  • After verification of the password, you can now hide your photos, videos, music files, and documents.
  • All photos and videos will be displayed in front now you just want to select all those pictures and videos you want to hide from the phone gallery.
  • Now you can also choose all the music files from the phone device and can let you lock all the music files and documents.

Vault App Android indshorts IND shorts
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Mobile Vault App Android IND shorts
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Vault App Android play Store IND shorts
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Vault App Android IND shorts
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Vault App IND shorts
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How does the Privacy Vault App work?

Privacy Vault

It is a normal clock to look at, but there is a secret room in the back of the clock, you can change it with a new password by putting the pin of the clock in a certain place, and when you put it, the back half will open automatically, where you can put your documents.

Best privacy vault app android

We have given the opportunity to download this privacy vault application in the website article, it is only one way, you can follow it and directly go to the home page of this application to download and use it, that will be the best.

Android Privacy Vault
Green Button VaultBlue Torch Lock
PIN Genie VaultCalculator Lock

Let’s talk about the best vault app for android!

Secrets are an important thing for every man, if there is no secret then the man loses his strength, when he thinks of something that needs to be hidden from others for some time, then he needs better help when he thinks of hiding that too in mobile.

We are proud to provide that help and we are more than happy to recommend the best application through the google play store, you should also use it, share it with your friends, and stay connected (bookmarked) to our site for future great articles.

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