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Some people may think that some photos, videos, documents stored on a mobile phone should be kept private. Why everyone can have secret photos, secret videos, which we can’t delete for fear of anyone, because they can be great things that can give us delicious experiences (to watch and enjoy in the future).

But nowadays when you want to keep it hidden for a while you may need a perfect secret box in your phone, this article is designed for those who want that secret box to be undetectable.

We have found one of the best torchlight vault apps, from google play store and provided you with the information gathered from there along with photos.

Note: Everything collected is waiting for your view, know that some changes in that information may come in future, we want to make it clear to you that it may depend on the status of this application and future update.

Important: All apps released from the store are released after following the policy of the Play Store, which is developed with the best interests of the users in mind.

Play Store will automatically remove applications that violate the policy, which is a decision taken in our best interest. That’s why we inform you that we only recommend applications from Google Play Store.

Play Store Details

App Size2MB
RoleVault Apps
Nowadays Installs1,000+
PublishedSep 12, 2022
Offered ByClechilipe
Official WebsiteNA
Application Policy

Torch lock is a gallery vault/gallery lock app. Hide photos, videos, and files from your gallery to this torch vault app.

A torch is used to turn on/off the flashlight of your phone, but behind this torch, there is a secret vault in which you can hide your files using a 4-digit passcode.


Hide photos, Hide Videos: Hide your galleries files like photos and videos
Hide Music files: Hide your music files like songs or mp3 files.
Hide notes: Create/Hide secret text notes.
Unhide Files: You can unhide your hidden files back to your gallery.
Lock files with passcode: access hidden files using 4 digit passcode.

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How to use this app?

Open the torch lock app.
Tap and Hold on the Torch title to access the secret vault.
Set your 4-digit passcode.
Now every time you can open the vault with your 4-digit passcode.

How to Download Torch Lock App?

Blue Torch Lock Photo Vault

The option to download this Torch Lock application is given in a green button, you can directly go to the play store and install it with just one touch, only then you will get the original version, and not only that but also the best advice (best update), etc.

How Does Work?

This Torch vault application is a torchlight app, that’s what it looks like, but it opens a back room by long pressing a secret place, where you can hide videos, photos, documents etc.

Blue Torch Lock
Calculator LockButton Dialer Vault
Vault: Hide PhotoScreen PIN Genie Vault

What Is Android Torch Lock Vault App?

A “Vault App” is a type of mobile application that is designed to provide secure storage for sensitive information, such as passwords, personal photos, and confidential documents.

The main purpose of a Vault App is to protect this information with encryption, password protection, and other security measures so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

Some Vault Apps also have additional features, such as the ability to backup data to the cloud, or to hide the app icon on the device to make it more difficult for someone to find.

Note: It is important to note that while Vault Apps can provide a higher level of security for personal information, they are not foolproof, and can still be vulnerable to hacking and other forms of data theft.

Additionally, it is also important to choose a reputable and trustworthy Vault App, as some apps may claim to provide security but may actually be collecting and sharing user data with third parties.

Using Vault App Right or Wrong?

Whether using a Vault App is right or wrong depends on the context and your personal needs and values. In general, using a Vault App can be a good way to secure and protect sensitive information, as long as you choose a reputable and trustworthy app. This can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information, such as passwords and personal photos, and can also help protect your privacy.

However, it is also important to consider potential risks associated with using a Vault App, such as the risk of data theft or hacking. To minimize these risks, it is important to choose a reputable and trustworthy app and to take other steps to secure your device and personal information, such as keeping your operating system and apps up to date, using strong passwords, and avoiding downloading apps from untrusted sources.

Ultimately, whether using a Vault App is right or wrong depends on your personal needs and values, and the specific circumstances of each situation. It is up to each individual to weigh the potential benefits and risks, and to make informed decisions about the use of Vault Apps and other security tools.

Let’s talk about Photo Vault!

Vault applications like these can protect our secrets, so when we choose these apps, we should choose from a good platform.

That’s why we recommend the most trusted play store around the world, even if it’s best to use it based on your own preference, use it only if you need it and you can be proud of the moments of conversation with us.

In addition, if you want to choose some other applications, you can check out other articles in our website article, in between we have provided some more applications collection, check them out, recommend to your friends, stay connected with us, we will always choose the best articles for you.

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