Calculator Lock: Blue Equal Secure Vault

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Calculator Lock is important for those who want to hide some information on their phone without anyone knowing, it will be in a way that no one knows (and no one can guess).

For example if you want to create and hide a mobile room without anyone knowing, then this place is for you if you need excellent help with that.

What you want to see today is a calculator application with this Calculator Lock application you can open a room at the back and you can collect all your important documents, no one will know it, but it looks like a normal calculator application, you can handle it to open that Calculator Lock room by setting some secret password.

Is Calculator Lock a necessary application?

Keeping secrets is very important during this period, if one’s secret is revealed to someone else the person who loses that secret becomes weak.

A man’s main strength is considered a secret, and by keeping that secret a secret, he will always be stronger. It is their own choice to do so.

What is the full description of Calculator Lock?

This is an android app available through google play store, information collected from there, photos are given below, all information collected is based on the date of publication of this article, there may be any changes in the future.

Note: We have thousands of Android applications available in Play Store, but all of them are selected applications for the benefit of mobile users.

Google Play Store has the authority to remove certain applications in our interest for violating the policies, which is a decision taken in our best interest.

Play Store Details

App Size30MB
RoleCalculator Vault
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered ByMacyMind Pvt Ltd
Official Website
Application Policy
Address16, Parimal Society, Opp-Jin Petrol Pump Jahangirpura, Surat

Calculator Lock is a Vault app where you can Hide Photos, and video lock, under Secret Vault protected by the calculator Lock app. This Secret photo vault video vault just works as a photo lock and video lock where you can lock your files like Gallery Vault.

This Vault app can get photo albums, galleries, or file managers’ private photos, videos, and movies, and You can play hidden videos inside calculator lock.

Calculator Hide App also has a Built-in Photo Viewer to view locked photos. it is Easy to Manage, Delete, Unhide, and Move Pictures in the gallery vault. you can Manage and sort your files and apps freely in this secret calculator and photo vault.

It also provides you with other useful functions, including the Vault app, video lock, Secret vault, Hide Photos, etc.

Calculator lock Key Features

Photo lock: photo lock will be stored da in photo vault to access by the photo lock app. photo lock Hide Photos will not be shown in any other Vault app or photo album gallery vault or file manager only access by the photo lock app. you can play or view all your locked photos inside calculator app hiderAmazing Inbuilt Image viewer.

Video vault: Inside the Video vault you can play your lock video by Secret vault with the inbuild video player. Keep others away from your private video lock you can lock video inside Secret Calculator with a video vault. calculator app hider provides you to lock the video and play that video lock inside the app.

Calculator Hide App: Calculator Hide App provides you so many new features besides photo lock and video lock. inside the Calculator app hider, you can create a new contact and hide them in the Secret vault. you can directly use it through Secret Calculator.

Lock files Vault app: The vault app can Create & share your notes, and contacts within the secret calculator without exporting it. you can access it inside the calculator app hider.

My Password Manager: My Password Manager is the future for Hide Pass, and you can Hide app acts like a vault to store all passwords with protected files and can only be seen inside the Vault Secure Vault Save your passwords in encrypted formats with a Secret calculator, you can decrypt it whenever you want.

Restore media: you can Restore all of your lock videos with one click. Once you Hide Pictures in the photo vault and video vault Lock Videos inside the vault, and You can anytime export within the Secret Calculator and they will move from the Secret vault to your phone You can directly share a picture of the gallery vault or lock video to social apps with one click.

Calculator Lock disguise cover: Calculator Lock is disguised as a simple calculator and with a password, you can enter the application.

Photo Lock App: Photo Lock App Snap Intruder Capture photos of the Intruder when someone tries to break into your Secret vault Snap Intruder takes a photo and saves it in the photo vault app.

What if I forget my password?

Calculator Lock

You can enter “11223344=” to master reset your password by verifying your security question and resetting the password.

Need Help?

If you have any problem with Calculator Lock for Secret Calculator App Lock Photos & Lock Video, please feel free to contact us: at

Your privacy is important to us

Calculator Lock: Photo Lock & Video Vault Calculator Lock app with Calculator App lock app does not copy or store your photo, videos, contacts, notes.

Do not uninstall Calculator Lock: Secure Vault, clear app data or delete files and folders generated by Calculator Lock: Secure Vault. Otherwise, your all files will be lost forever.
We do focus on privacy protection, and we keep your privacy safe.

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How does Calculator vault work?

This application is a calculator application that will help you to correct your arithmetic, i.e., Addition, Multiplication, Division, Subtraction etc. and you will have the opportunity to get the answer.

But the key in this is that by setting the password, it will open the back half, where you can hide your videos, photos, documents, etc.

How to download it?

We have already provided many such vault applications, all of which work well and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Go directly and download it, we have given the way to get there in the article.

Calculator Lock
Vault: Hide PhotoPIN Genie Vault
Audio Adjust VaultZoom Out Launcher

Let’s talk about Calculator Lock!

Vault applications like this can hide our secrets, so if we are entrusting our secrets then the application should be of high quality.

If so then you have to select only through the play store, so we took it through the play store. So, use it, recommend it to your friends and join our group to get the best articles.

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