Number Screen PIN Genie Vault

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Locking our mobile is a big challenge, and boldly entering that mobile screen lock among all is really a brave thing.

I mean, do you dare to open the lock screen on your phone for everyone to see? Can you do this? Can not. Because if someone else knows your mobile screen password or understand the pattern, it is very easy for them to open your phone next time, we enter the password anonymously.

You can change it and unlock it on your mobile among thousands of people, because no one can find and guess your password, one such special PIN Genie Vault application is in this article.

It’s a rare multi-tasker, only this PIN Genie feature is that it has multiple digit numbers in four phases, each phase has a four-digit number, so no one can find out which phase you’ve touched when you press a specific PIN.

But only you know that this opportunity will be in a way that no one can guess even after seeing it among many people, we have collected the relevant information from Play Store and given it below.

Note: The information and photos given below are all the details collected from the Play Store as of the date of publication of this article, and may be added in the future.

An important step for you: Play store is the only place to continue its service because in our interest some applications will be deleted, you should realize that it is a decision taken for our benefit.

Play Store Details

App Size14MB
RoleLock Apps, Vault Apps
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByPIN Genie Inc.
Official Website
Application Policy
Address555 California Street, Suite 4925, San Francisco CA 94104 U.S.A.

With our Number Screen PIN Genie Vault, you can lock your favorite apps and protect your sensitive data in your phones from prying eyes. Safeguard your privacy with PIN Genie Vault now!

Apart from apps, PIN Genie Vault can also lock the followings:

  • Wi-Fi – prevent others to turn on / off your Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth – prevent others to turn on / off your Bluetooth
  • Play Store – prevent others to download apps
  • Browser – set a password or pattern lock for the browser to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Settings – prevent others from changing your settings

More Features

App Lock–Simple & quick to lock any apps: PIN Genie Vault has the App lock feature that can lock and protect any apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, photo albums, bank apps, etc. Simply tap the 1 button to lock or unlock.

Vault–Hide Pictures and Videos: Hide photos & videos from your photo gallery and access them easily using a secret PIN code. Now you can easily share your phone without worrying about privacy.

Security- Prevent Uninstall & Access: Create a fake app icon so that others do not see this app!

Anti-Peep PIN Pad – Nobody can see your PIN: PIN Genie Vault comes with the most secure PIN lock. The magic PIN lock protects your apps with only 4 sleek buttons. Each button includes 3 numbers and all numbers are reshuffled after each attempt which makes it impossible to see the PIN.

The patented PIN pad is the ultimate in privacy and will keep anyone from seeing your PIN, even if they watch you input it!

  1. Wallpaper for PIN Genie Vault lock screen and home screen
  2. Amazing HD wallpaper to customize your lock screen and home screen.

Capture Intruders: PIN Genie Vault comes with an intruder function to alert you who is trying to break into your apps. When an intruder enters an incorrect PIN code, this app will secretly snap a photo of the intruder ‘s face and send an alert to you the next time you log in. It will also email the intruder’s photo to you!

Fingerprint Unlock:

  • PIN Genie Vault supports the fingerprint unlock functions for Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, and Mi mobiles.
  • Feel safe to pass your phone to friends and family without worrying about any personal apps being accessed!

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How can it work?

Number Screen PIN Genie Vault

It also helps to lock the information in your phone in a different way, this PIN Genie can’t find your password, that’s what makes it special.

How to download it?

The opportunity to download this PIN Genie App is given an install on the home page of this application in play store, the article in the title will only suggest us the way to the official web site google play store, which you can get while traveling.

Number Screen PIN Genie Vault
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Tutorial Trailer Video

Let’s talk about PIN Genie Vault!

Even after buying our used mobile phone, it is important to lock it securely, so that no one else can take a look at our mobile phone, so that they can know the important information.

If that happens then our secrets will be revealed and thus our strength will be reduced, a man’s strength is his secret, when man stores 90 percent of things in mobile, it is mandatory to protect it or it should be so that no one can find it by entering his password among others.

That’s why we recommend this website article, please recommend this to your friends and follow our website for best articles.

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