Audio Adjust Vault Manager: Gallery Lock

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It will be more difficult to hide some information, especially the thought of hiding information through mobile is something that can be in everyone’s mind, because a person stores all the important information in the mobile.

He saves many things like his secret photos, videos, office related information through mobile, in this era when mobile has become half part of a man, some information stored through mobile includes information which he thinks should not be shared with others.

Even if man wants to share such information with everyone in future, he thinks that he may face many problems if he shares it in present time, so we have provided many veld applications which can help for such things.

All those applications are working well and recommended by the official website Play Store. Any application we take will spend a lot of time and verify its authenticity before presenting it to you.

As such we chose Audio Adjust Vault application which is still the best shield to hide your documents. It’s an audio application that automatically opens a room where you can hide your documents when you slightly adjust the volume button on it.

Note: We have collected the information of such featured applications below, all are released based on the date of publication of this article, you may know that there may be some changes in the future, when you click on the direct download link, you can see the change in Play Story.

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Play Store Details

App Size2MB
RoleVault App, Audio Vault
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByCillDeMops
Official WebsiteNA
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Audio Manager is an advanced gallery vault app in which you can hide your gallery’s photos and videos secretly.

The audio manager app provides Gallery vault as well as Audio Adjust vault Manager control on your android phone.

On the first screen of the app, there is an Audio Manager interface in this screen you can adjust the volume of different audio options, and by using the secret method you can use the Actual vault.

Core Features

  1. Hide photos and videos.
  2. Hide audio files.
  3. Save secret notes.
  4. Pincode lock/ Fingerprint lock.

How to open Audio Adjust Vault:

  • Tap and hold on to the Audio Manager title to open the actual vault.
  • Set your secret pin code.
  • Now you can access the actual vault.

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Audio Adjust Vault How does it work?

It is an audio application, when you adjust the volume in this application, a room will automatically open, where you can hide your secret photos, videos, documents, etc., and it will be safe enough to leave no one suspicious.

How to install it on mobile?

Any application can be downloaded by going to the home page in play store ie this application home page, the opportunity to go to the home page is given as a green new year while continuing to navigate the website article, take advantage of it.

Audio Adjust Vault Manager Gallery Lock
Audio Level VaultZoom Out Vault
Calculator VaultAbout Flashlight Vault

Let’s talk about it!

Secrets are a man’s greatest strength, and when he keeps some things a secret he is more likely to experience happiness from many things.

Even if there are some photos that can be shared with everyone in the future, he will consider hiding them from others in the present.

For example, a photo of lovers before the wedding usually faces many problems when it is shared but after the wedding it gives a delicious experience.

But is it not possible to delete that photo out of fear at present? Hide it now, the way is also available through this website article, which is also available from the best play store, use it and recommend it to your friends.

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