Hide Photo: Audio Level Sound Vault Manager

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A secret can be a great strength for a human being, and that secret is now stored only through mobiles. We start saving most of our secrets in the mobile phone that travels with us, and we want to hide some important photos, documents, etc. from others.

In other words, a doubt may arise in this matter, for example, why should we hide some secrets in our mobile phone, i.e., photos, videos, documents?

Why Use Audio Level Sound Vault App?

But we are separated from our mobile at some moments, when we are separated, there is a chance for others to open it, sometimes even our relations know the password on our mobile, they have a chance to see our important documents.

Google Play Store also recommends such a thing, that’s why even Google Play Store has recommended and allowed many Vault applications to hide your mobile documents.

So, we have already covered various Vault app in our website areas through play store and you will get the chance to reach it in this article. In this article we have given clear explanations regarding this Audio Level Sound Vault application that can work in that way.

All the information in this article is collected by Play Store, it includes the comments and photos of the creator of this application.

Note: The information is collected and given below based on the current status of the application and you have the option to download it. Also, you should be aware that there is a possibility that Play Store may remove this Sound Vault application in the future, only for the safety of passengers. Therefore, knowing and agreeing to the same, you may download and use this application at your own discretion.

Play Store Details

App Size3MB
RoleVault App
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByJimajinjin
Official Websitehttp://mca.freeoda.com/app-ads.txt
Application Policyhttps://sites.google.com/view/itechappstudio/audio-settings

Hide your photo, video and audio inside secret vault which is called Audio Sound Manager. It looks like audio settings app but if you long press on Audio Sound Manager title then it hidden vault will open.

Main Features

  • Hide photo, video and audio: Here you can hide photo, video and audio, it will not show in gallery after hiding it.
  • Secret Passcode and Fingerprint: Vault will open with Secret Passcode and Fingerprint.
  • Fake Vault: If someone find vault then you can show them empty vault by using fake password.
  • Unhide files: You can easily unhide your files whenever you want at your selected path.
  • Share files: You can share files directly from the vault no need to unhide data first.
  • In-built data browsing: Here you can easily browse your hidden data inside vault, here app have own image viewer, video player and audio player.
  • Because of above features we need Storage access otherwise app will not work properly

More Info’s

  • Permissions: Use Finger Print: This Permission is use to Unlock vault with your FingerPrint.
  • Read/Write Storage Permission: This Permission is use to hide and unhide files to storage.

Permission for Android 11 devices: Due to the Google system api upgrade, please authorize the permission to access to all files. Otherwise the can not work properly

When you uninstall this app, Reset or Formate your phone. Before it Please Unhide All hidden files otherwise your hidden data lose forever.

Question: How to open vault?

Answer: Long press (Tap and Hold) on Audio Sound Manager title to open vault.

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How does the Sound Vault application work?

This application is an audio application that works to enhance the experience of listening to songs on your mobile. However, it provides a confidential option so that all your information is stored safely, as you will see in the article.

How to audio vault download?

It is also worth noting that the opportunity to download Audio Sound Vault application is only available in play store in the right way, we will provide the path to it, which is waiting for you below while traveling in the article, you can directly install and use it, and you will be given the best update at the right time.

Audio Level Sound Vault Manager
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Let’s talk about it!

Mobile is seen as an important object, mobile carries 90 percent information of a man, in that way he may have some secret photos or even secret documents, which he thinks to hide from others for some time is his own thing, because secrecy is the greatest strength of a man.

I decided to give you the information about Audio Sound Vault application found by our website team when I thought it might help in that matter and we hope it will help you to protect your information by using it.

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