Green Mic Voice Lock & Unlock Screen (Android)

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We store a lot of information in our phones, but some mistakes we make are in carefully locking the phone. We all have high confidence that the lock mechanism we put on our phones is absolutely perfect and no one can guess it.

But you know? Nowadays most of the mobile lock methods are known and have the ability to unlock them easily.

But there is an unopened opportunity which no one can find in present time which everyone needs and that best opportunity you are going to see in this website article.

Apart from that, the option is recommended to you by the official web site Play Store, you can unlock and lock your phone completely with your voice.

One of the best Voice Lock android app of its kind is waiting for you in this article, along with the application, the photos related to the application, the comments made by the developer are given below, see them clearly and benefit, if you like it, download and use it.

Play Store Details

App Size20MB
RoleVoice Lock
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByMove More Solutions
Official Website
Application Policy
AddressDesai Sheri, Sagrampura, Surat

With the voice lock app, you get a new style lock screen just speak your password and open your lock screen.

This lock screen detects your voice and unlocks the phone screen when you say the correct password. Now you can unlock the phone with your voice! First set your password and then you can say only one word to unlock your phone!

In case you have some problem to speak your password then you can also use an alternative password like pattern, pin, or time lock.

When you use another secondary lock password you must set the voice password first then you can access any other lock with the voice screen lock password.

If you forget the voice password or another lock password it will be easily recovered no need to panic about that. Before setting the voice lock password you must set your security question properly with a satisfactory answer that will help your Unlock the device and then again set your password.

Main Features:

  • Set Voice Lock and manage easily by service
  • Set Pin, Pattern, or Time Lock Password for secondary Lock.
  • Set the security question properly.
  • You can also set different types of themes in your device lock.
  • It also shows the date and time on the Lock screen.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Simple User Interface

If you wish to have a unique voice lock screen option on your phone device then this is a good application to have it.

Show your friends and family members the new style of unlocking your device through your voice command and voice control.

Notes: We cannot store any data of your device for our personal use.

Required Permission:

  1. RECORD_AUDIO: to record password for voice lock screen
  2. ACTION_MANAGE_OVERLAY_PERMISSION: to display this app lock screen
  3. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to get gallery image and display in lock screen

Mic Voice Lock

How does Voice Lock application work?

You need to install the Voice Lock app with the option available in the article, then the microphone on your phone will ask for permission, after which you can match your voice as a password.

Whenever you want to unlock your mobile, your mobile will be unlocked easily when you say the same word (password) you have already said in your voice.

How to download Voice Lock app on mobile?

You will get a chance to download this app on play store, downloading from there is the best way, we don’t recommend any other site.

We have provided a button on our website article that will take you to the section where you can download this application on Google Play Store, take advantage of it.

Install this application on your phone and control it on your phone with your voice.

Mic Voice Lock indshorts IND shorts
Play Store Photos
Mic Voice Lock app IND shorts
Play Store Photos
Mic Voice Lock IND shorts
Play Store Photos
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Let’s talk about Voice Lock!

Android mobile stores 90% of human’s important information nowadays, (carries) so we must protect the mobile.

It also needs to be protected with a completely different method, only when it is protected will our data be protected along with our phone.

Our team which has focused on this matter and after long time research recommended you one of the best Voice Lock app from play store.

So, we will meet you in the next article with the hope that you will know more explanations about this and download and use it and recommend it to your friends.

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