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Note: We have selected this application from the play store with the aim of providing a Voice Screen Mic Lock application that can be used to lock your phone using your voice.

However, currently this Voice Screen Mic Lock application is not available in play store (it has been removed) and it may be a decision taken for our own good, but if you are interested in such applications, please click this section.

Did you know that we go to great lengths to lock our phones and in doing so can control them with our voice? Yes, your mobile can unlock and lock by listening to your voice.

There are many such lock apps available in play store, choosing the most important apps is the hardest part, we are here to help make this difficult thing easy.

We have looked at many such applications and selected the best Voice Screen Lock application for you in this article, the first highlight of this application is that it was found through Google’s official website, Play Store. No doubt the best application available from there.

Note: Although we provide such applications in article format, please know that Play Store will continue to recommend it only if its service is good, otherwise Play Store will automatically remove it in your interest. This is a decision that can be taken entirely in the interest of the users.

Important For you: All the information given below is collected from Play Store related to this application. Also, please note that they are compiled as of the date of publication of this article, and you must keep in mind that some changes may occur in the future.

Play Store Details

App Size8MB
RoleScreen Lock, Voice Lock
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Offered ByEden Garden
Official Websitehttps://edengarden555.blogspot.com/ads.txt
Application Policyhttps://edengarden555.blogspot.com/p/eden-garden-privacy-policy.html

Unlock your phone screen with voice Mic Screen Lock. Beautiful and customizable Voice lock screen for any android device. Set a voice password and use it to unlock your device.

Using a traditional Lockscreen to Lock & Unlock your phone has been outdated now. Use a new approach to Lock/Unlock your smartphone using your Voice and secure your mobile from others’ approach.

Voice Mic Screen Lock Of More Details

You use different lock screens with different patterns to secure your data or private or sensitive data.

You want a different lock screen also this work with your voice. So your wish is complete.

Voice Screen Lock application through you gets a new style lock screen just you speak your password and open your lock.

This Smart Voice Lock Screen works with your voice commands which makes your phone unique from others also we have provided a Keypad Lock screen method with this App!

In case you do not want to let others know about your ” Voice Password ” or you are unable to unlock your phone using your voice commands or Voice App password to Unlock then do not bother yourself that your phone will be locked permanently. You guys can use the alternate Pin Code option to unlock your smartphone.


  • Enable Voice Lock Screen with a single click on the mic and set the Voice password.
  • Enhance Security using the Home Key options given in the setting.
  • Different HD Backgrounds are available to change the theme.
  • Set your type of voice password.
  • You can also set a numeric password if a voice password doesn’t work.
  • User Friendly and best Voice Unlocker
  • Show the date and time on the screen.
  • Change the color of the time and date.
  • Change font Style to make more attractive your Voice Lock Screen more.

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How does Voice Mic Screen Lock application work?

This Voice Lock application allows you to lock and unlock your mobile screen with your voice.

It will be different to look at and will surprise others, and it is important that you can control on your phone when you say the specific word.

How to download it?

The option to download this application is directly available on the play store, the right solution is to go there and download it.

So we have given only a green button on the website article to get there, which you can reach while navigating through the article.

Voice Mic Screen Lock  Voice Lock
Voice Screen Mic LockGreen Mic Voice Lock
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Let’s talk about Voice Screen Lock!

There are many ways to lock a mobile, even remotely you can control your phone with your voice. You can also do this better with My Answer, which automatically unlocks your mobile when you say a specific word.

That too Voice Screen Lock App is available from the official website, so use this application, follow our website article related social media sites for future good applications and recommend to your friends.

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