White Equalto Calculator Photo Vault

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We always have our secret photos and videos in our mobile, which we think we need to keep secret from others.

For this matter I will lock it with many methods, even if our loved ones will be curious to see the secret I lock it, it will be very difficult to escape from it.

But what we are hiding is to hide the unknown amount and that is the help that is available to you in this website article.

This is one of the best app selected by play store, it is a calculator application, normal looking calculator, but the best thing is that there is a secret room in the back where you can hide your important documents, photos, etc.

Note: All related information is given below, read it clearly and download.

Play Store Details

App Size9MB
RoleCalculator Photo Vault
Nowadays Installs50,000+
Offered ByTarrySoft
Official Websitehttps://kigelapps.com/calcphotovault
Application PolicyPrivacy
Address8 The Green Suite #4184 Dover, DE 19901

Relax. We got your back. Hide Photos and Videos in a Secure Folder

Fake Calculator is a private photo vault; all your images will be in a safe, secret, and secure folder.

Calculator Photo Vault, aka Private Photo Vault, is a Calculator for general users but a secret vault for users with a higher demand for privacy. It can hide photos, videos, documents, and any files right into its chest; no other app on earth can find it.

Disguised as a Calculator, but actually a vault!

Install Calculator Photo Vault now so no one can see your private photos. You can hide photos, hide videos, hide audio messages, and even any kind of document right into the Calculator. What will others see? Just a Calculator!

Got some photos that you want to hide from the world? Use Calculator – Secret Photo Vault and enjoy a life without worries!

NOTE: The photos you hide using Calculator Photo Vault (Private Photo Vault) never leaves your phone. They stay there until you factory reset the phone or delete them manually using this app.

Fake Calculator – Secret Photo Vault got some top-of-the-line features:

Top Features

  1. Hide Photos from the phone’s memory or SD Card directly
  2. Share photos from the app directly without unhiding them!
  3. Advanced private photo vault protection
  4. View photos and videos right inside the app
  5. Lightweight and minimal design
  6. Lock the app as soon as minimized.

Secure Browsing and Downloads We care not just about your offline privacy but online privacy too. How?

Fake Calculator: Secret Photo Vault automatically locks the file you download using our Incognito Browser. This means that you can use Incognito Browser to surf the web securely, and whatever you download from the internet using Incognito Browser, will be locked for all other apps except the Fake Calculator – Secret Photo Vault and Incognito Browser.

Icon Disguise

  1. No one knows the hidden tunnel behind the Secret Calculator as its icon shows just a calculator.
  2. That tunnel can only be accessed by a 4-digit pin entered in a specific way, and the only one who knows that is you!
  3. While on the other hand, it works completely like a normal calculator!

Hide as it never existed: Secret Calculator Vault uses a complex algorithm to hide photos, videos, and files. Making it impossible for others to breach this algorithm or access the hidden content. So no need to worry. Just chill!

Intruder Alert!

  • Wanna know who tried to breach into the hidden vault by trying different PINs? Fake Calculator – Secret Photo Vault got you covered.
  • It will take the selfie of the person trying to enter the wrong PIN and store that picture in the hidden vault. Once you enter the picture vault by entering the correct values, you can look at the intruder.


Question: How to use Fake Calculator – Secret Photo Vault?

  • Secret Calculator – Hidden Vault is as easy to use as one app could be.
  • All you need to do is open the app and enter any four digits on the Calculator, and press “=“. These 4 digits will be saved as your pin to the secret vault.
  • Then you need a set a security question, and boom! Your Hidden Vault – Fake Calculator is ready!

Question: What if someone deletes/uninstalls the Calculator Vault app. All you need to do is download this app again, set a password, and you will see all your hidden data right there.

Question: What if I forgot the password?

Just enter “1122334” and press “= “on the Calculator, and you will see a new window asking you to answer the security question. If you provide the correct answers, the current password will be shown to you.

White Equalto Calculator Photo Vault

How does it work?

The way this application works is as a normal calculator, but when you enter a specific name in it, it turns into a password and helps you hide your documents in the back. We assume that you have read all of the information above, which is the opinion of the creator.

How to download?

The option to download this application is very easy, knowing all the information, you can directly go and download it through the green check at the end of the website article, that’s the best way.

Calculator Photo Vault app IND shorts
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Calculator Photo Vault IND shorts
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White Equalto Calculator Photo Vault play store IND shorts
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White Equalto Calculator Photo Vault app IND shorts
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White Equalto Calculator Photo Vault 1 IND shorts
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Let’s talk about the secret!

Privacy in mobile is something that everyone can use and the biggest challenge is to keep that secret secret till the end and to overcome this challenge our team find and recommend you this best application from play store.

We also use it, so we recommend you also and play store is a trusted website so use it and share this website article with your friends.

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