Blue Clock Lock Secret Photo Vault

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Generally everyone thinks that those secrets that are secrets should be kept secret. Also, mobile is used to store some things, in that way Secret Photo Vault is a helpful website article for those who want to keep secret photos, videos and documents on their mobile always without anyone knowing.

We are proud to provide this support to you through google play store. This Secret Photo Vault application is a lock application through which you can create a specific area and hide your required documents in it.

Secret Photo Vault App Is It Right?

Generally some things cannot be deleted for fear of others and cannot be missed. Therefore, in this world of individual freedom there is nothing wrong with keeping one’s secrets.

In this article we are proud to provide information regarding this Secret Photo Vault application that will help you hide your mobile secrets.

And this Secret Photo Vault application is available from the website of world-famous play store, published following the policy created by play store. So read the information and benefit from it.

Details Of Secret Photo Vault App

Published byGoogle Play Store
App RoleVault App
App Size8MB
Nowadays Installs500K+
PublishedSep 9, 2020

Keep your photos and videos safe in Clock Photo Locker Vault. We put security and privacy at the highest standards, along with a great UI/UX design.

Secret Clock vault Photo Locker secures your secret photos and videos by locking them with a Password, Pattern, PIN, or fingerprint, using Military Grade Encryption AES-256 bit.

Secret Clock’s architecture was developed with the help of data security consultants and experts to make sure that nobody, including our team, will be able to access your private photo locker without knowing your passphrase, even if your device is stolen!

Your hidden photos and videos are locked and encrypted solely in your device and will not be uploaded to any server.

More Details Of Secret Vault App

Official Website
Application Policy
AddressGordon 86, Tel Aviv

What’s inside Of Clock Vault App

Everything behind a lock: Your photos and videos are hidden using a PIN, Pattern, Password, or Fingerprint so they will keep safe.

On-the-fly encryption camera: Clock Photo Locker has a secret camera that hides the secret photos you take directly to your hidden photo vault.

Album Lock: Set passwords to each of your private albums for extra protection of your photo safe!

Quick Exit: Clock Photo Locker Vault exits the Photo Vault automatically whenever pressing the home button, making sure that no one will be able to watch the secret photo vault contents.

Automatic backup & restore to your vault: If you uninstall the app by mistake, your photo safe will be restored.

Private Cloud: Auto Backup & Sync your photos and videos to our Private Cloud service with unlimited space. Access from any device with Secret Clock Photo Locker on it.

Break-In Alerts: Keep safe your private photo vault from intruders with Break-In Alerts. Whenever someone fails to unlock Clock Photo Locker, we log the time of the incident and snap a secret photo of the intruder.

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Blue Clock Lock Secret Photo Vault

How does this clock Secret Vault application work?

It is a clock application that shows exact time, minute, second etc. However, you can create some secret places with password and hide all your information in the back.

How to download Secret Photo Vault?

As far as this Secret Photo Vault application is concerned you can directly go to the play store and download it, the opportunity to go there is also given in our article, take advantage of it and it will be yours.

Blue Clock Lock Secret Photo Vault

Let’s talk about android Vault App!

Basically this Secret Photo Vault application hides secrets, and shows your perfect time, so you can do both.

That is, it is a beautiful clock application, it is also a store policy application, so feel free to use it, if you need this application, it will definitely help you.

Or you can share this with your friends through social media sites if needed, the article has options for that.

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