Calendar App with Secret Photo Vault (Android)

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We are proud to recommend this Calendar Lock Vault application, which is designed to protect your secrets, according to the word of the elders the secret of the individual is his strength and he who has no secret is his strength.

We also welcome you to this site, we would like to inform you that all the information below is taken from the Play Store, and all the information related to the Calendar Lock Vault should be read carefully below, then download and used on a voluntary basis.

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleCalendar Lock – Photo vault
Nowadays Installs100,000+
App Size4M
Offered ByIJP
App PolicyPrivacy
Why Use ThisApp Install Details

Calendar Lock used to Hide photos & videos: This app is a gallery vault app and you can hide or lock your personal photos and video files from the gallery, Only you can access hidden photos & videos by a secret passcode.

Man Key Features

  • Lock/Hide photos & videos
  • Lock/Hide audio
  • Create secret notes
  • Secure with secret Passcode
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Passcode recovery by Question-answer
  • Fake passcode for fake empty vault
  • Slideshow for hidden photos
  • Share locked files directly from the vault
  • Delete locked files directly from the vault

How to use this app?

How to open the actual vault: When you open this app you will see a calendar, Now you can access the vault by tapping and Holding on the Calendar title.

Set a secret passcode: Now the app will ask you to set a new secret passcode to access the vault in the future, you can set your choice passcode.

Set Question/Answer: (Optional) After setting the secret password, For passcode recovery, the App will ask you to select a question & give the answer to that question.

Access actual vault: After setting the passcode now you can access the actual vault by tapping and Holding on the Calendar title and entering a passcode.


Que: Will locked or hidden files be deleted after uninstalling this app?

Answer: No, locked/hidden files will not be deleted after uninstalling the app because this app will save all locked/hidden files into your phone storage.

how to install, and use Calendar Lock Vault App?

  1. You need to go to the Play Store to download the application, we have created the opportunity below.
  2. Keep in mind that your main photos will ask for some permission to hide the videos during the installation and you will have to give it all up.
  3. It is worth noting that the Calendar Lock Vault App will create an opportunity to hide your confidential photos anymore if all things are done correctly.
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