Call Screen Edge Lighting & Border Colors

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Our team is waiting to help you who want to enjoy a tasteful experience that has made the incoming call experience on mobile completely colorful.

This application, which you will see in this website article, will mirror all the notifications and phone calls you may receive on your phone with a very beautiful appearance.

Notably, it will also give your display a colorful rainbow look with multiple butterflies flying across it.

You can directly download it from the play store, but you will be given some information about it.

With that in mind we have clearly given all the related photos below which are the comments of the creator, take some time and read it clearly and then go to the play store and download it.

Play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleEdge Lighting & Border Colors
Nowadays Installs500,000+
App Size4.24MB
App PolicyPrivacy
AddressEAGLE APPS 1801 Fayetteville St. Durham, NC 27707
Why Use ThisRequired

Edge Lighting & Border Colors is a personalized tool that allows you to set edge light with rounded corners and live wallpapers on your device. Edge lighting color will make your home screen amazing with gradient border light.

Grab a chance to beautify your display with a lightning edge screen. It has an awesome user interface to use, and it will make your device adorable with the LED notification light and notch display.

You can choose which magical edge lighting according to your demand, then set it on your screen with one click. Always on edge & lighting LED does not consume more battery when you set your phone screen as live wallpaper.

Change the Edge notification light and edge lighting colors of your edge lighting patterns with your favorite colors and borders. Edge lighting notifications with magical borders of multiple options are part of this edge lighting app.

Manual Guide to Use Edge Notification & Edge Lighting Colors App

  • Choose your favorite RGB gradient color to give an eye-catching view
  • Select different shapes & types of borders of your desire the style and animation you want in your phone’s edge light colors
  • Increase or decrease the speed of edge lighting with the horizontal bar
  • Round the corners of edge lights as your screen size
  • Check the Preview and set multiple Lightening Edge Screen widgets
  • Adjust the notch display hole according to your device, after enabling them

What Are The Main Key Features?

Customize the notch display according to your phone screen.
The rounded Corner of Edge Light app can be modified according to your device’s shape & size.
Edge light colors can be changed by simple operations.
Edge light animation speed can be altered.
Lightening Edge Screen with multiple editing options.
Customize the border of edge lighting plus rounded corner as per your requirement.
Increase or decrease the space between the icons around the corners in the edge app.
Set your own picture as live wallpaper.
The position and radius of the display hole can be customized easily.
A unique collection of multi-color stylish border types with magic lighting.
Enjoy Edge Notification Light with different emojis.
LED notification light is always on edge to remind the user.
Use a vast variety of emoji stickers with edge lighting notifi
ting app.

app for Border Colors IND shorts
Call Screen Edge Lighting and Border Colors IND shorts
Call Screen Edge Lighting app 2022 IND shorts
Call Screen Edge Lighting IND shorts

Why should you use this app?

Live wallpapers and Magical Border lighting.
Battery-optimized functionality.
For Lightening Edge Screen and Border Colors.

Installing this application?

Installing the application is very easy, Google play store has provided an opportunity for that and we have given the help to go there in this article so that you can go ahead and download this application for yourself.

Call Screen Edge Lighting & Border Colors
Caller ThemesAndroid Call Screen
Zoom ScreenshotVoice Changer

my word

It’s normal to do a few things on a mobile just to make it look the way we like it.

As such, we are very proud to recommend this application to you and you can recommend it to your friends who will surely be happy.

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