SIM Card Stop Calling [Call Blocker]

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Mobile was created to communicate with other people when we think and talk with ourselves when we think, i.e. to communicate with each other instantly.

But this is sometimes troublesome and to avoid this we are going to use best call blocker method in this website article.

This is a temporary one, which means you can use it in situations where someone is bothering you with a lot of phone calls, and then you can pick up their phone call when you feel like it.

It can be helpful in many situations and in many ways, it helps to block unwanted calls temporarily when you are studying at school, working in the office or spending time with family.

You are also going to benefit from seeing the full explanation about this on the website, we inform you at the beginning of the article that this Call Blocker application is taken from the play store.

Because the play store is a place for the best android application, below we have attached some information and photos from there, you can see and benefit from it and also download it.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleStop Calling
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
App Size35MB
Offered ByMGLab.apps
App PolicyPrivacy
AddressRussia, Altai region, 656067, Barnaul, Vzletnaya 46

Block unwanted calls using a community database or blacklist. No need to waste time or wake up from unwanted calls from advertisements, collectors, banks, and other “spam”.

Attention!\nIn the latest versions of Android, manufacturers are very actively struggling with third-party software that is in memory and unloads it.\nIn order for the application to work correctly and not be unloaded, follow the setup instructions that can be found in FAQ question No. 4.

Key Features

  • Flexible blocking settings (by community database, schedule, blacklist, mask, and others)
  • The ability to create various sets of settings
  • Separate rules for SIM cards
  • User feedbacks
  • Simple and convenient interface
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How does it work?

After installing this app, you can block calls from a specific mobile number.

It will help you in many moments, as we have read in the article it will stop your sweet time from annoying mobile calls etc.

Remember that when you think it’s stopping temporarily, you can always make it work again.

How to download?

That is, we have given a green button on the website, which is just a path, and by touching it, you can directly go to the app store and download it.

While downloading from there you will get all relevant advice and timely updates, make use of it and get help from it.

Call Blocker app
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Can we talk about some important information?

There are some settings in the mobile to block unwanted calls temporarily and permanently.

Although we don’t have many options in it, get more options with the best Call Blocker application of all, which is completely free.

Keep track of all incoming phone calls to your mobile with this, no doubt it will help a lot.

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