Block Open Apps & Sites (Personal Reminders)

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As much as mobile is a useful thing, it can also be dangerous if not handled properly.

Yes, there are some applications that we use that can steal our information without our permission.

Awareness articles about this are popping up on Google from time to time and you can find many good ideas on the web.

But how to find it easily is difficult, we need to help you in this matter i.e. you can see the unwanted applications on your phone that are taking your information without your permission.

And while you’re browsing a website, you can check to see if that website is collecting your information without your permission.

In this article you are going to see an application that can help with this, besides it is a well-known fact that play store is a great website that has many good applications in it.

From there, take a look at the photos related to this application, the developer’s comments on the Play Store, and take a look below.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleBlock Open Apps
Nowadays Installs10,000,000+
App Size13MB
Offered ByMobileSoft s.r.o.
App PolicyPrivacy
AddressMobileSoft s.r.o. Ceskoskalicka 650 Cerveny Kostelec 549 41

Block Open Apps: Productivity App is the mobile tracker manager that helps you block annoying apps and websites, track your phone screen time, and set personal reminders to manage your productivity and focus on what is important.

Set a specific timer or date reminders to block apps and websites, track screen time, or customize your profile to activate an app and website blocker based on a specific wifi connection or your location.

This way, you can automatically block websites as soon as you get to work to stay focused and be more productive.

Smart mobile tracker manager: Website blocker, app usage timer & productivity reminders, Set a do-not-disturb timer, a screen time tracker, or a reminder to focus your productivity.

Control phone usage by blocking your social media and other distracting apps. Our site & app blocker will help you to stay focused.

App blocker, goal tracker and screen timer: Our productivity tracker allows you to track and block sites and apps, customize reminders and time track your app usage limit in order to improve your productivity.

We provide stats and reminders to keep track of your goals and focus on enhanced time management to increase offtime.

Block Websites & Apps: Productivity App will increase your productivity and self-control, set usage reminder alerts. Customize app blockers for all disturbing apps to be more productive and stay focused.

More For You

  • Block apps or sites using the app blocker – block your email too & keep your reminders and notifications off
  • Set a screen time tracker limit during your offtime and organize your quality time
  • Activate Strict Mode to lock your profile and thus improve self-control. Always stay productive and focused with our app blocker!
  • Disable alerts and set usage timer to help you focus and be more productive: Improve your productivity through time management and a phone detox!

App manager, time tracker & website blocker

  1. Screen time tracker to be more productive and customize a timer to limit your mobile usage
  2. Block notifications, alerts, and reminders.
  3. Manage parental control.
  4. Use a timer, plan and track your goals and activate profiles based on your personal stats provided by our mobile tracker
  5. Activate Strict Mode to lock your App Block settings

Block Websites & Apps: Productivity App helps you to stay focused and find peace when you need off time and:

  • increase your productivity and self-control
  • control your phone addiction (usage reminder and addiction tracker)
  • focus on your goals and time management
  • reduce screen time (block site manager)
  • digital wellbeing and phone detox
  • organize your free time and family time (goal tracker)
  • learn how to improve your habits and stop procrastinating
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Privacy Policy: Block Open apps uses Accessibility services to block websites. Don’t worry, we do not collect or share any of your browsing data.

How does it work?

After installing this appl it will detect and identify which website and mobile app may be collecting unwanted information on your mobile.

That way you can stop it as a precaution, for more details check out the comments made by the creator, which is linked above.

How to install?

The download option is given inside the article, by clicking on that green button you can directly go to the old store.

Download this application and you will get proper advice and update while downloading through play store.

Block Open Apps & Sites (Personal Reminders)
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My opinion

There are many applications that can protect the mobile, a good application is needed in this era to make sure that our information is safe and secure on the mobile.

Realizing this, we take a lot of time to research and select all the best applications to recommend to you.

Read all the information about it clearly and download and use it at your own discretion and recommend it to your friends.

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