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If someone tries to take our own phone without our permission, tries to open the information inside or tries to enter the wrong password, we don’t know that information.

Due to this we lose our mobile, we lose the information in our mobile and we pass the time without even knowing that other people tried to unlock our mobile.

A great help to prevent all these is available in this website article, the help available in this article is a great application from play store.

Therefore, we recommend you to go and download this application on Play Store and we have designed the path below.

To notice; However, we have compiled the comments of the creator of this application and some related photos in a beautiful way for you to read, take some time to read them and then download and use them.

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Play RoleAnti Theft
Nowadays Installs10,000+
App Size6.02MB
Offered ByBlizz App Studio
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Do you want to check who tries to open your smartphone while in your absence? Well here is a real deal in shape on WTMP App – Who touch my phone?

WTMP App will help you to catch intruders if someone tries to unlock your phone, without your asking.

This app will take pictures of him/her with the front camera in the background and reports include (opened apps and intruder image, date, time, etc) will be saved inside the app so
you can catch them.

WTMP App will snap pictures of anyone who enter the wrong pin code, pattern, or fingerprint. Or will take pictures if someone successfully unlocks your
smartphone and maintains a list of all opened apps after unlocking and will use it as an anti-theft app. It will snap thieves so you can find them easily.


  • Snap Intruder: Take picture of anyone using the front camera who tries to unlock your smartphone while in your absence.
  • Thief Catcher: WTMP App Helps you to catch thieves or anyone who tries to gain access to your private stuff.
  • Maintain and save the list of opened applications after unlocking your smartphone so you can check which apps were used by intruders.
  • WTMP App helps you to protect your application with Pin, Pattern, or Fingerprint features provided with the app in settings so no one can delete or access your records.
  • You can also protect this app from being uninstalled by intruders using the device admin receiver which can be enabled from in-app settings.
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How does it work?

This application will take a photo of every person you take on your phone without your permission and then show it to you.

Perhaps if you want to take your phone away, it will immediately make a sound calling you to come, and you can immediately approach the location of the mobile and retrieve the phone.

How to install it?

As always install the application on play store, that is the best place, the option to go there is in the last part of this article, through which you can go there.

While trying to install on mobile some permission is required and only then it will work on your mobile. Maybe, want more info mean, please see the video.

Anti Theft App Play Store
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my word

We can do a lot of things with the application and it is noteworthy that Android mobile is a good electronic device.

However, using good apps installed is best for the phone and the person using the phone.

That way we have provided good articles from time to time, we will provide good articles in future and we assure you that you can bookmark our web site.

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