Android Magic Fake Screen Lock: Volume Up

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It is important to protect the information on the mobile rather than protecting our mobile. For that we are going to give you a great opportunity from play store.

Below we have provided a great application related to Screen Lock along with related photos and comments from the developer

All these are collected from the play store and compiled for you and you can directly go to the play store and download this application, the opportunities are designed on the website.

This application has the power to create a fake lock pattern on your mobile display to fool everyone and protect the information, so hurry below to see the related information.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleMagic Fake Screen Lock
Nowadays Installs10,000+
App Size9MB
Offered Byjianwenapp1996
App PolicyPrivacy
AddressTaman Sri Rapat, 31350, Ipoh, Perak.
Why Use ThisRequired

Magic trick like guessing what numbers other is thinking can be performed using this app.

Once you have entered the app, click the bottom part of the time-display page (something hidden there) for instructions.

Magic Fake Screen Lock IND shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Fake Screen Lock app IND shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Android Magic Fake Screen Lock app IND shorts
Image Source: Play Store

How does it work?

Magic Fake Screen Lock will show a fake display on your phone’s home screen after installing the application.

So, everyone will be fooled and can’t even try to unlock the phone because it’s a fake lock.

Download it?

The option to download is available on Play Store, the path to reach there is designed on our website, you can follow it and directly download and use it.

Android Magic Fake Screen Lock
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talk to you

You may have seen many applications to protect your phone, but this one is the best, and the best of them all.

We hope that you have seen in this website article that you can lock your phone without a lock, and this will be a good idea for your friend.

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