Heart Zip Screen Lock: Golden Zip Lock App

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This Zip Screen Lock will help you a lot when you want to use a unique lock method for your phone. Although there are many such Zip Lock applications, we have selected only the best applications from the play store and presented to you.

So, this zip lock app option is the best of all and among many others, when you open the lock screen on your phone, you will see a long zip open to the inner part. In this section you will get the information related to this excellent Zip Screen Lock application and the opportunity to download the zip lock app.

what is zip lock app?

This is a great play store lock application, which means we handle many methods to lock our phone (for example, number lock, fingerprint lock, character lock and etc.) but it is different in all of them.

For example you have a zipper on your clothes and your phone will have a zipper on the screen and when you open it your phone will allow you to use it automatically. It’s that special.

And this is the best application published in play store following policy, if you have desire to use it then you must get below zip lock app free download opportunity, everything is waiting for you.

Note: Maybe this Zip Screen Lock App article seems long, if you trust play store, use this section to download Android Zip Lock application directly.

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Play Store Zip Screen Lock App Details

App Size10MB
RoleZip Screen Lock
Nowadays Installs100,000+
PublishedDec 31, 2022
Offered ByJusCall
Official Websitehttps://earthmapworld3dmap.blogspot.com/ads.txt
Application Policyhttps://sites.google.com/view/discoverworld2021/heart-zipper-lock-screen

Heart Zipper Screen Lock is a fun and stylish app that allows you to lock and unlock your phone with a amazing heart-shaped zipper lock screen. Simply swipe the zipper lock app up or down to lock or unlock your phone.

The app also features a variety of heart designs and colours to choose from, so you can customise the look of your zipper screen lock to your liking. In addition to its attractive appearance, the Heart Zipper Screen Lock app also provides added security for your phone, ensuring that only you have access to your device. Try out Heart Zipper Screen Lock today and add a personalization to your phone’s lock screen.

Romantic heart zipper Lock Screen is most powerful and AI based amazing Heart Zipper Lock Screen. Lock your phone with awesome zipper opening animation and zipper opening sound will make you feel great. Unlock your phone screen with Heart zip Lock Screen Pin Lock, Pattern Lock. Voice screen lock is customizable Lock Screen for any android device Just set a voice password and use it to unlock your device.

In addition to being a stylish screen lock, the Heart Zipper Screen Lock app also provides security by requiring a password or pin code to unlock your device. This ensures that only you have access to your device and its sensitive information. Overall, the Heart Zipper Screen Lock app is a playful and secure way to protect your device and add a touch of personalization to your lock screen.

HD heart Lock Screen you have option to choose your favorite romantic wallpapers for screen lock and your device background. Also you have option to change zipper style , colour and design with simple steps.

Zipper Gold lock screen provides various useful Themes and interesting Wallpapers for decorating your lock screen while protecting ultimate privacy and ensuring security. This mobile app also has a password option that you can use before unzipping the heart gold lock screen.


  • Heart-shaped zipper screen lock
  • Customizable color and style Beautiful Zipper Lock Themes
  • Set your Pin lock as a password
  • Very Useful and easy to use
  • No privacy assault Love Zipper lock
  • No chance of hack of your lock sequence
  • Smooth and cool security lock screen
  • Realistic Zipper sound effects

How to set Lock: Enable your heart zipper lock screen from setting screen. Enable Passcode and Enter a 4 digit password.

Please give your valuable feedback so that we make improvement and provide useful tool with Zipper Lock effects. Your suggestions and feedback will be highly appreciated!

Lock Screen App List

Heart Zip Screen Lock

How does zip lock app for android work?

This is a Ziplock application, you can lock your mobile display with a zip. The chip can be unlocked and locked, so your mobile will design a unique lock mechanism, which will look beautiful and secure among all.

How to download zip lock app free?

You can download this free zip lock app for android application by going to play store, the way to go there is given in the article and follow it directly to download and use the original application without any hassle.

Heart Zip Screen Lock
Gesture Lock ScreenVoice Screen Lock
Black Screen LockFingerprint, Privacy

Let’s talk about golden zip lock app!

There are many such Zip Screen Lock applications out there and searching for the best and most feature-rich apps will take a lot of time.

Our IND Shorts website is running to make this job easier and more helpful for Android users. And because the applications we take are selected from the Play Store, it increases privacy and security, and is well received among people.

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