App Open Lock: Fingerprint, Privacy

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We use a lot of applications on mobile, such categories of applications include very important apps, especially applications that can protect our important documents and even things that can be used to transfer money have become more and more popular on mobile these days.

All mobile Apps has started to be used by everyone due to the fact that it is considered special, and the value of the apps in it is seen more than the mobile which is bought by paying more money.

If you need to protect your valuable applications from others, that means you should not allow them to use your applications even if someone else picks up your phone, this article has a special App Open Lock option for that type.

All the Android Apps in your phone can be protected with the App Open Lock application that you are going to see in this article and the help of this App Open Lock application is available.

Note: This is taken from Google Play Store, the information and photos collected from there are given below, which are collected based on the date of publication of this article, there may be more changes in it in the future.

There are many applications available to us through play store, but all of them need to follow the policy, maybe if the policy of play store is violated then the application will automatically be removed in future, this is a decision taken in the interest of the users.

Play Store Details

App Size7MB
RoleLock Apps
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered ByFamilia Apps Developers
Official Website
Application Policy
AddressFamilia Apps Developers Surrey United Kingdom

We know what you’re thinking; “yet another app lock!” But App Open Lock- Invisible, Intruder Selfie & Camouflage is far from it. App Lock isn’t your typical lock app, but it provides you with all the necessary privacy you want or need. With simple yet popular features like app relock after use, AppLock- Invisible, Intruder Selfie & Camouflage also provide the ideal solution and are the only app you’ll need to keep the contents of your device private, safe, and secure.

App Lock doesn’t just provide you with privacy, security, and hidden features for all your apps, but will give you peace of mind knowing that the contents of your device and apps are away from peeping and prying eyes. Complete protection and privacy with security.

AppLock- Invisible, Intruder Selfie & Camouflage provides locks for all apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, Gmail, Browser, SMS, Contacts, and Messenger, and prevents any unauthorized access. So, you needn’t worry about anyone invading your privacy again.

Read More Features

With AppLock- Invisible, Intruder Selfie & Camouflage you can create a specific PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint that can then be used to lock down whatever apps you wish to protect and secure. Whether you want to lock each different individual app, or just want to keep the contents of it secure and private from anyone else, AppLock’s easy-to-use and matchless features will help you feel secure and protected and will guarantee to provide you with all security you need.

Applock’s amazing fake cover feature ensures that it is guaranteed to be FOOL PROOF security of your app! This way you don’t have to worry about anyone accessing your data from certain apps. AppLock- Invisible, Intruder Selfie & Camouflage comes with customized options and can prevent other users from misusing it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know who went behind your back and tried to snoop on your phone? AppLock’s intruder selfie lets you do just that! With AppLock’s intruder selfie feature that takes a picture of anyone who attempts the password incorrectly, you’ll be sure to find out who did, and can see who tried, but failed!

More Details

With AppLock- Invisible, Intruder Selfie & Camouflage, you won’t have to worry about your privacy ever being compromised again. Not only does AppLock give you the necessary privacy that you want, but exceptional features like allowing a brief exit from the lock, which means you can briefly set a time to leave the app and come back to it without having to worry about constantly locking it or entering the password again. Convenience and simplicity rolled into one.

AppLock’s ultra-unique camouflage feature means you can hide the AppLock icon under the disguise of another, so it’s not visible to others; no one needs to know that you have hidden or locked contents within your device. AppLock- Invisible, Intruder Selfie & Camouflage provides the ability of an AppLock function with a password protection layer for extra security for all your apps.

With AppLock- Invisible, Intruder Selfie & Camouflage together with other features and options like a secure pattern lock or an option a six-digit password lock for each app, you’ll surely be guaranteed the best possible security for all data on your device.

App Open Lock- Invisible, Intruder Selfie & Camouflage features:

  • Lock app privacy
  • Total security protection
  • Intruder selfie
  • Unlock pattern, password, PIN, or even fingerprint.
  • Safe and secure content
  • Lock up sensitive apps.
  • Allows brief exit from the app without re-locking for your convenience.
  • Auto relock your desired app after screen lock.
  • Change AppLock icon- Unique camouflage/disguise icon to hide AppLock under another icon.
  • Invisible mode (Hide AppLock from the screen)
  • Set page cover to hide (fake crash)

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How to download it?

App Lock Fingerprint, Privacy

The option to download this application is available through the play store, we have given a green button to guide you there.

Does App Open Lock work?

It is worth noting that this application helps to lock other applications in your mobile, due to which even if someone knows your mobile password and opens it, it is worth mentioning that they cannot open any of the applications inside.

App Open Lock
Error App LockerHide Data App
Ultra App lockOops App Lock

Let’s talk about App Open Lock!

Such applications have already been featured in our article and we have given you a chance to see them and you can benefit from seeing them.

At the same time, this is the best App Open Lock application among all and comes forward to give you full information in article form, so use it, recommend it to your friends, follow our website article to get future best secure android applications.

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