Gesture Lock Screen: DRAW STAR

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Even if we buy a mobile with a lot of money, there are unique applications to beautify it and lock it securely, there are millions of such applications.

But among all choosing the best mobile mobile application is only through play store, we always recommend it, keep it safe in your mobile and get many features for free which leads to best website article.

That means the Gesture Lock Screen application in this article has at least more than 6 features, mainly you can lock your phone by writing with your fingers, we have given such special features clearly below.

  • Gesture Lock Screen
  • Pink Lock
  • Pattern Lock
  • Icons Customization
  • PIN lock
  • Draw Lock

This Gesture Lock Screen application is going to be presented to you found by Google Play Store, we have already provided such applications in article form and you will get a chance to see it in this article. All these we recommend you, you can read and download and use this application based on your own choice.

What should Gesture Lock Screen talk about?

Below we have collected the information related to this Gesture Lock Screen application with photos, this article is given based on the date of publication, there may be some changes in the future, we have linked it here and have a chance to see it.

It is important to note that: Google Play Store will provide many such applications, but all of them will be released after the policy of Play Store, because Google Play Store cares more about the welfare of users, and that’s why the whole world trusts Play Store for a long time.

It is important to note that if we violate the policy even in the future, it will be automatically removed, and it is all in our best interest.

Play Store Details

App Size7MB
RoleLock Screen
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered ByGames Addiction
Official Website
Application Policy

Are you using the Default, old pattern & PIN Locks as a Phone Lock Screen? Now it’s time for your device’s New Modern & Stylish Screen Locks. Yes, now you can experience a unique and Stylish Gesture Lock Screen for Your Android Device.

You can draw your Desired Gesture, Signature, Shape, etc., and set it’s your Phone Screen Lock. You must try something different on-Screen Lock. Make your Phone Screen more adventurous and Interesting by Using Gestures, Shapes, and Signatures as Phone Screen Locks.

Gesture Lock Screen and Signature Phone Lock are more secure because nobody can guess your signature or gesture. Surprise your loved ones with a unique fantastic Shape Screen Lock.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this amazing & stylish Gesture Lock Screen and make your home screen lock more stylish and beautiful with Gesture Lock Screen and Signature Phone Lock.

Lock Types:

  • Gesture Lock
  • Signature Lock
  • Pattern Lock
  • PIN Lock

Get in touch with us & stay tuned for more entertainment & fun. Try this Gesture Lock Screen and Signature Phone Lock app. If You Like This Screen Lock app, don’t forget to share it with your friends, family, and loved ones. Rate us on Play Store. Your suggestions are important for us so you can provide suggestions to us. Thanks for choosing us.

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How does Gesture Lock Screen work?

This Gesture Lock Screen application can perform six different functions and may be extended further in the future. It is important to note that your mobile unlocks mainly by writing on the mobile display with your fingers. For example if you draw a star shape with your fingers it will generate a password.

How to install it?

Draw Star Lock App

The possibility to install this application is provided by Google Play Store, we recommend it, the way to get there is given on our website, take advantage of it, it will be great, it will lead to future advice.

Gesture Lock Screen
Oops App LockStop Error App
Personal RemindersUltra App lock

Some thoughts about Gesture Lock Screen!

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