Secret Safe Dial Button: Hide Data App Lock

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Nowadays, people store all their important information on their mobiles, starting from office related information to their money transfer information.

It includes some important and confidential documents, and he takes pains to keep such documents hidden from others.

For example, we cannot share some photos or even videos with others, but when we feel that sharing them with others, we may face problems, we tend to hide them.

At the same time, we cannot delete those kinds of photos for fear of others (problems), because they become our best photos that give us delicious experiences.

What is this Secret Safe Dial Button app for?

A small example of this: Photos taken between lovers can’t be shared with relatives before marriage, but after marriage, you can show those photos to everyone and get good experiences.

So, our team realized that there is nothing wrong with hiding such photos in present time, so we have selected many vault applications from google play store for those who want to hide photos (important documents) only for some time which can give such special and sweet experiences.

Found the application after much searching and that is this Secret Safe Dial Button App. The information about this application and the download option are waiting for you below.

What are play store policies?

Key details about Secret Safe Dial Button Vault is currently available on Play Store, information, photos, and downloadable options collected from there are given below.

These are the information collected based on the publication of this (Secret Safe Dial Button: Hide Data App Lock) article, remember that there may be some changes in the future, you can check that change directly by going to the home page of this application, the opportunity to do so is always available in the article.

It is important to note that: There are many such mobile applications available in play store and if you ask a question whether you can choose the best one among all and you can continue to get the service of such applications which we provide you then it is up to the play store.

Because play store will delete some applications which do not follow the policy in our interest, so if this application follows the policy, then google play store will continue to provide it, if not then in our interest (for users) please know that it has the power to remove this application. Come stay updated.

Play Store Details

App Size7MB
RoleVault App
Nowadays Installs1000+
Offered ByStupendous Andro
Official Website
Application Policy

Secret Safe Dial Button: Hide your photos, videos, audio, and any other files in a secret safe with this app lock.

App Features

  • The front is a dialer so you can use the dial to contact your friends or family.
  • Set 4-digit password in this dialer to unlock the main vault of this app.
  • Add your private photos-videos or other files in that vault.
  • The front is a dialer so no other person can find your important files or other media.
  • Hides photos, videos, documents, or other files on your phone.
  • Manage your files from a secret safe.
  • Delete, restore and share files from this app.
  • Also, use this app as an app lock to protect your apps.
  • Set app lock on individual apps.
  • Use a pin or pattern to unlock your app.

Secret Safe Dial Button App Lock

  • Protect your privacy with a password, pattern, and fingerprint lock. Disguise the App Lock icon as Dialer lock.
  • AppLock can lock all installed applications on your device.
  • No one can see your private data in your phone, protect your data and ensure safety.

About Permissions: Permissions may be required to provide you with more convenient and stable service and won’t use these permissions to access any of your personal information.

This app uses the Accessibility service:

To enable Power saving mode, please allow Accessibility services. The service is only used to remind users with disabilities to unlock apps and reduce battery usage.

WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE & READ EXTERNAL STORAGE: This permission is used for managing the photos and other media files.

MANAGE EXTERNAL STORAGE: This permission is used to move and delete the document and other files.

QUERY ALL PACKAGES: This permission is used for getting installed apps information in app lock function.

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How does the dial vault work?

Secret Safe Dial Button Hide Data App Lock

Once you install this application it looks like a normal dial pad app, and you can call and talk to any number you want. However, it is worth noting that you can create a secret room using a password in the back where you can hide the documents you need, without anyone knowing about it, by setting a specific me as a password.

How to install dial vault App?

The option to install this Secret Safe Dial Button application is given in play store on the home page of this application, which is the best solution.

We recommend it as it is a good suggestion for a users to get the option to download directly through Play Store.

We have given only the way to get there on our website, you will get it as you continue to travel, it is given by a green button.

Secret Safe Dail Button
Style Dialer AppDialpad Secret
Navigation Custom BarDial 4 Lock Vault

Let’s talk about the Secret Safe Dial Button!

This application can hide our important information, that is, a man has started storing so much information in his mobile, he feels like he lost half of his body if he doesn’t have a mobile.

Because now we have moved to the era where this mobile fulfills all his important needs, so the information stored in that mobile should also be safe for him and should not be known by others.

That means Secret Safe Dial Button App is helpful for those who want to follow secrets. Secret is the main strength of a man, it is the opinion of the elders that a man who has lost his secret has no strength, accordingly use this Secret Safe Dial Button application that can protect your secrets (strength) and share it with your loved ones.

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