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This article provides a beautiful Open Zip Lock app on your mobile home screen. This is an opportunity offered to you by an Open Zip Lock application from the best play store.

Android applications published from Play Store are applications published after following a policy developed in the interest of the user. That way we take all application from play store.

So while there are many such ziplock applications, our web team found this one (Open Zip Lock) after much searching. This application is currently being used by more than one lakh people and it is such a great application.

That’s why we recommend it to you, take advantage of the application-related information, and photos, download and use them.

Play Store App Details

App Size
RoleScreen Lock
Nowadays Installs100,000+
PublishedMay 11, 2018
Offered ByZipper lock screens
Official Website
Application Policy

The electric lock screen is a classic lock screen for android phones that unlocks using a zipper. Just drag down the zipper and that’s it. This app comes in bright, electric colors with thunderbolt backgrounds and zippers with blue and red neon rows. Customize your screen locker with a blue or yellow zipper and electrifying wallpaper to make your device cool!

  • Would you like to unlock your phone in a unique and customizable way? With our new Electric lock screen, you have the option to choose your wallpaper for the locker screen and your device background. Also change the zipper style, color, and design with just a simple click until you find the best combination that works for you.
  • Electric lock screen provides various useful widgets and interesting themes for decorating your lock screen while protecting the privacy and ensuring security. The app also has a password option that you can use before unzipping the lock screen.
  • An electric
  • The electric lock screen is very easy to apply. Just click the Activate Lock Screen button from the main menu and the locker will be displayed every time you lock and unlock your device.

More Features

  • Electric lock screen offers you an in-depth personalization option. Just click on the personalization tab in the menu and you can change all of the following:
  • Background: pick a wallpaper for both the locker and your device background
  • Zipper style: customize the zipper tab to match your background or make it stand out
  • Row style: choose the style of your zipper with different colors and shapes
  • Font style: all the information displayed on your zipper lock screen can be changed with the font design that you like
  • Each time you modify something you can also click “Preview” to see how it will look when the Electric lock screen is activated

Also, the Electric lock screen has a preview option so you can see all the changes you made and fine-tune the design of the locker. This option makes it very easy to use the app because you don’t have to make a change then exit, see if you like it, and then come back to settings. You can do everything right here inside the app.

With an Electric lock screen, you can further customize the locker. Click on the settings tab to choose the animation speed for the zipper to unfold instantly or just a bit slower. You can choose whether you want to hear the zipper sound and the vibration.

The electric lock screen can display the Date, Time, and your battery level so you will never run out. You can turn all widget options off if you prefer a clean look. All you have to do now is start pulling the zipper and unlock your device in style.

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How to download this Open Zip Lock App?

The option to download Open Zip Lock application is available from play store, the option to go there is given in the article. The green button will directly take you to the home page of the application, where you can go and install it.

How does Open Zip Lock work?

You will see the chip that you attach to the cloth, and it will be reflected in the form of a zip on your phone, when you open the chip (Open Zip Lock Screen) you will be allowed to use your phone.

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Let’s talk about Screen Open Zip Lock!

Generally mobile applications from play store are better and that’s why we recommend going there and installing them. In that way it is primarily used to protect and mimic the Open Zip Lock in a beautiful way.

Play store is always getting the right update and the right suggestion, so take our chance to download and use Open Zip Lock application.

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