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Are other people trying to pick up incoming calls to your phone? Does that mean that people in your office, friends and family have the opportunity to receive incoming calls to your phone when you are away from it?

Does this make you uncomfortable at times? If so then this article is designed for you. Here is a Call lock app help to prevent this, completely taken from Play Store.

This Call Blocker application will be provided, along with the information taken from there you will find an application published on play store following the policy below with the information collected based on the date of publication of this article, see and benefit.

Play Store Details Of Call Block App

App Size
RoleCall Lock
Nowadays Installs5,000+
PublishedMar 29, 2020
Offered ByBacktracking Technologies
Official Website
Application Policy
Address309 Kalimahal, Mughalsarai, U.P. (232101) India

Call Blocker is the most powerful and intuitive call blocker app. It helps you block calls from spam, unwanted, private (hidden), or robocalls.

Key features:

  • Block private or hidden calls.
  • Block all calls from unknown numbers.
  • Block all calls except Whitelist numbers
  • Auto-generate call blocking history.
  • Turn on / off call-blocking notifications.
  • Whitelist – The whitelist number will never be blocked.

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How Does Call Blocker App Work?

This Call Blocker application helps you to block all incoming calls to your mobile with various lock methods, you can use this to block your incoming calls without allowing anyone else to pick you up.

How to Download Android Call Lock App?

The way to download this call block application on your mobile will be suggested on our site, you can know it as you go on.

Best Play Store Call Blocker
SIM Card StopCall Blocker
Incoming Call LockColor Call

Let’s talk about Call Locker!

Incoming call safe applications like this protect our privacy, that is, the main purpose of mobile is to communicate with each other, we are created to communicate with others.

Our team has found that such Call locker applications may need help when it comes to handling (protecting) this important purpose.

So, it took the same amount of time to prepare it. Also recommend to your friends and feel proud because this is a great opportunity.

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