Four Square Screen Lock App: Knock Lock

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Even if we lock our mobile with many lock apps, we are afraid to open it in public, because when we enter the mobile screen lock password, we enter it without others knowing.

The reason is that nobody else will know the actual pin and number, i.e. no one will see the password.

Because of this, no matter how special application we lock the phone with, we are all afraid to unlock it, but this article presents a Knock Lock application that can completely change this.

This Knock Lock application is found and recommended to you by Google Play Store, the related information is included below, which is collected based on the news of this article, there may be any changes in the future, it depends on the update of this application.

Note: At the same time all the applications published by the play store are published following the best policy and only then do people use it. Perhaps in the future, we will not be able to get the application from the Play Store if a policy violation is found.

Play Store Details

App Size18MB
RoleLock App
Nowadays Installs100+
PublishedAug 18, 2022
Offered ByThe Lotus Infotech
Official Website
Application Policy

In this application, There are four knocks set in a square example. You can make any example of 4 knocks to make sure about your portable screen.

Knock lock screen, the screen lock is an exceptionally dependable and secure application extraordinarily made for clients who need to conceal their subtleties and applications.


  • Knock Lock Screen – Smart Screen Lock set on the screen.
  • Users can set a Pin of their choice to protect their phones.
  • The purpose of this app is to satisfy security objectives.
  • The security purpose of your important apps can be satisfied with this app.
  • Knock lock is a highly reliable app, supported on all devices.
  • This app has a quick response feature as one can quickly open the app as soon as one enters security locks.
  • You can also set a custom lock screen background.
  • This app is easy to use and anyone can use it.
  • This app is live and secure.
  • so many themes for set lock-type themes
  • Change the theme of the Knock lock screen.
  • Secure your mobile screen with a knock pattern.
  • Knock the lock screen with a saved pattern to unlock the mobile screen.
  • In case you forget the knock pattern, set a pin password and enter the pin to unlock the screen.

As this application gives a dependable screen and application lock it’s exceptionally useful for any purpose.

Note: This Knock Lock-App lock does not disappoint you and make your apps safe and secure. If you any kind of suggestion you want to give then please provide us. So, we make a better app for your use.
Thank you!!

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How to Download Knock Lock App?

Knock Lock App

The option to download this application is available on play store, the way to get there is suggested in our article, use it, it will take you to this Knock Lock App section, from there you can install it easily.

How this Knock Lock application works?

This will allow you to enter letters and numbers in such a way that no one can figure out what password you are using.

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Let’s talk about this Knock Lock App!

Generally, it is very important to lock the mobile while entering the password without fear in the presence of the locked mobile, we have mentioned the best Knock Lock App because we thought that doing so would be a special activity.

And this is a good Knock Lock application, and we are proud that it is an application from the play store and provided with information from there. You and recommend this to your friends and let them also get a chance to lock their phones in a great way.

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