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The mobile has a touch screen throughout, and this mobile is the most preferred (purchased) at the moment, although there are some issues with it.

This means that all the options start working when you swipe on the mobile display with your fingers, but it is also necessary to stop it at unnecessary moments.

When the video is playing all over the mobile phone or when we hold the mobile phone while giving it to children, there is a possibility that the video running on the mobile phone will stop unnecessarily, there is a possibility that the mobile phone will automatically run when the children are giving space, and when there is unnecessary friction, some things should be handled to prevent this.

That means an opportunity to stop our mobile display only for a specific moment, that too you can get with a floating icon, that icon will appear in the home area, you can temporarily stop the action of the display on your mobile by touching it whenever needed, so that the usage experience on your mobile will be very special.

We have already recommended a lot of Single Touch Lock applications that can help in this matter, which you will have the opportunity to see in the middle of this website article. Accordingly, below is some information on the Play Store collected based on the date of publication of this article.

Because this is Single Touch Lock application taken from play store, added information may have some changes in future, while play store is a good website for example, applications are released after following best policy in play store.

It should be noted that this application is also published following the policy developed in our interest and failure to follow it in the future will result in automatic removal, which is all at the discretion of Google Play Store in our interest.

Play Store Details

App Size9MB
RoleLock App
Nowadays Installs1000+
PublishedNov 30, 2021
Offered ByDilip Master Apps
Official Website
Application Policy
Address71, 1st Main Road Giripuram, Anjanappa Gardens, Cottonpete Bengaluru, Karnataka 560053

Lock your mobile screen Single Touch Lock while watching videos, presentations, etc. It helps you to avoid unwanted touches on a mobile screen. You can individually manage each app to lock touch.

Enable the switch of a particular app and when you launch that particular app it generates a notification on click of it you can enable the touch lock screen. To disable the touch lock double tap on the visible floating icon and it will generate a password screen which will be set by you and unlock it.

To use this service: Start the background service to enable the touch lock.

App Main Features:

Set password for unlock touch lock via three methods:

  1. Pin lock
  2. Pattern lock
  3. Fingerprint Sensor

Also, manage touch enable/disable while incoming calls:

  • Preset touch lock duration in settings.
  • Battery Usage Optimization for continuous service work.
  • Control touch lock service for the individual app on your phone.
  • To disable the touch lock on your phone: tap on the visible floating icon.
  • Unlock it with your set lock.
  • Simple and easy user interface.

Required Permission

  • Draw System Overlay: Show touch lock view over other apps.
  • Usage Data Access: Monitoring apps to enable touch for a particular app.

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How to install?

Mobile Screen Touch Lock

The option to install this application is available on the play store, just go there and download it and you will always get the original application and proper recommendation.

That’s why we are discussing any mobile application, we are allowing you to download that application directly from the play store, and you will get all the information clearly while traveling.

How does the Single Touch Lock app work?

It is important to note that this Screen Single Touch Lock application will lock your mobile display on your mobile only at the moment of your choice, i.e. stop it from working.

Many benefits can be obtained, you can see the full information related to it, the photos related to this application, and the comments made by its creator, the opportunities that are given in the website article, through which you will come to these lines.

Single Touch Lock App
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Let’s talk about Single Touch Lock App!

There are many applications for mobile, but there are some applications that fulfill our need and help us a lot, in that way this Single Touch Lock application is absolutely outstanding.

This is an application released in November 2021 and currently only 9MB, so use it to increase your security, i.e., do mobile screen activities only when needed and stop when not needed. Share this with your friends if you think this will help them too.

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