Touch Lock App

Lock your mobile screen Single Touch Lock while watching videos, presentations, etc.

Screen Touch Lock

It helps you to avoid unwanted touches on a mobile screen. You can individually manage each app to lock touch.

Android Touch Lock

Enable the switch of a particular app and when you launch that particular app it generates a notification on click of it you can enable the touch lock screen.

Mobile Touch Lock

To disable the touch lock double tap on the visible floating icon and it will generate a password screen which will be set by you and unlock it.

Touch Lock 2023

To use this service: Start the background service to enable the touch lock.

play store app

Preset touch lock duration in settings. Battery Usage Optimization for continuous service work.

download app

Control touch lock service for the individual app on your phone. To disable the touch lock on your phone: tap on the visible floating icon.

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Mobile Screen Single Touch Lock

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