Nokia Launcher: physical key press, antique old interface, call key, and full app drawer. Especially with photography and web browser of the old Nokia style.

Nokia Launcher App

Bring Nokia Launcher home screen style back to your smartphone, a launcher app with Nokia home of the past, where almost everyone has experienced before.

Nokia Theme App

Nokia keypad in you Home Screen, old style keyboard - direct dialing with keypad, save number Nokia style.

Typical style keys

Square camera, surprise your friends when a old novia can take stunning pictures

Old camera style

Nokia style keyboard - direct dialing with keypad, save number Nokia style

keypad Home Screen

Snake '97 the retro phone classic. This is a remake of the original Snake, complete with dot-matrix display and monotone sounds.

Classic Snake Game 97

re-feel the user interface of classic Nokia, user interface of old Nokia. Great launcher that brings the 

Nokia Home Screen style

Nokia 1110i Launcher, Nokia 1100 launcher, Nokia 1202 Launcher.

Nokia 1110i Launcher

Nokia style phone brings old style phone to your home screens. A launcher app with the Nokia style of the past.

Nokia Old Phone Style

Especially useful for those of you who like the feeling of using the old Nokia again with the feeling of pressing the hard keys and the small screen above.

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Best Full Picture App: Square Photo, No Crop Photo

full dp App