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Nowadays everyone has switched to display mobiles rather than normal keyboard mobiles, this is what people prefer, and in this case we are facing many problems even though we know it is more luxurious.

That is, to operate this mobile, we have to do some help on the display with our finger, and when we do a word, the mobile will work automatically.

But our important documents can be destroyed by some unnecessary actions (rubbings) while giving it in the pocket or to children, or the phone call from the mobile phone to the unwanted people, some text messages are also lost, many such problems happen in the mobile phone, these should be stopped in time.

For example, if you keep your mobile in your pocket, then with a few frictions on the display on your mobile, the display will start working automatically, even if the mobile is not unlocked, your mobile charge will decrease.

Sometimes when given to children, they swipe with their finger, then many problems occur in the mobile, our team has found a great Your Touch Lock application that can stop this temporarily and included in this article.

Note: Apart from that, all the information related to the application given below is taken from the play store and it is recommended for you to download and use this Your Touch Lock app from the play store.

Play Store Details

App Size5MB
RoleTouch Lock
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered By90s apps
Official WebsiteVisit
Application PolicyApp Privacy

Touch Lock helps you to disable your mobile touch screen or partial of it while listening to music or watching videos. Touch Lock is a touch-disabling app to prevent unintended operations on the touch screen.

FEATURES of Touch Lock App

  • Lock Screen Touch while you’re watching videos or streaming.
  • Customize lock areas
  • prevent edges screen mobile from unintended taps
  • Block Touch when your child is playing with your phone to prevent unwanted screen touches.
  • Touch blocker provides the u best touch disable mode for kids.
  • Start or Stop the app service with a single click.
  • lock any screen from any app by floating block key.
  • Add the app to quick settings for easy use.
  • Video touch locker for kids video touch blocker.
  • Baby Lock or Child Lock: Lock the touch screen when your child is watching some baby video or running a toddler app.
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Andriod White Lock Thats Your Touch Lock IND shorts
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White Lock Thats Your Touch Lock play store IND shorts
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White Lock Thats Your Touch Lock ind shorts IND shorts
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White Lock Thats Your Touch Lock app IND shorts
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White Lock Thats Your Touch Lock IND shorts
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How does it work?

Once you install it a loading lock will appear on your mobile and when you touch it your mobile display will be temporarily suspended.

Then no matter what you do your mobile won’t work, if you want to start a work you have to stop immediately, this will temporarily help you to lock your mobile display.

How to download?

Many people download and use this application, give good star rating, know clear information about them and get the opportunity to download it in play store, the way to go there is given in our website, take advantage of it.

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