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We lock the mobile with many different applications, but sometimes it is very mandatory to lock the mobile display according to our needs.

That means the mobile display may need some better support when considering not to open some unnecessary mobile option while giving it to children, then we need to make sure that the application that we can use is safe.

With an aim to provide the best help in all matters, we are going to list one of the best Lock your phone scar application from play store.

Also, we have given everything about this application like photos, and comments given by its creator, check it out and download it.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleLock your phone scar
Nowadays Installs100,000+
App Size2MB
Offered ByVIAWEB
App PolicyPrivacy
AddressKunnathusseril Buildings, Chembumukku, Kakkanad, Cochin

No touch is a simple but useful app that helps you to lock the screen temporarily to prevent unauthorized clicks or to go to other apps from the current screen.

This is especially useful when you give your Phone to kids to view videos or Youtube. This app will disable the touch facility So that your kids will not click for other videos or go to other links without your permission.

You can also lock your screen while making video calls so that accidental touches can be prevented. Extremely helpful when you want to play videos to listen only to audio, while in your pocket

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Android No Touch phone IND shorts
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Lock your phone scar IND shorts
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Android Lock your phone scar IND shorts
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App For Lock your phone scar IND shorts
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Play Store No Touch App IND shorts
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Mobile No Touch App IND shorts
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No Touch my phone IND shorts
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Best No Touch App IND shorts
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How its work?

Install No touch
Open the App and Enable the Lock
A lock icon appears on your screen
Enable it
You will now have the option to use a password
Or use the basic lock/unlock option
Once enabled you can see a Lock icon on the top of the screen
To unlock/ lock the screen, just double-tap on the lock icon

How to install?

The option to install is given in the article on a green button, by clicking on which you can directly go to the play star section and download.

No Touch - Lock your phone scar
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Let’s talk!

We use many applications considering the security of mobile, but there is a doubt whether the application is safe.

It is to help in this matter that we have handpicked the necessary applications from the best website Play Store and provide them to the Android users.

We are looking forward to your support in this regard, please share your thoughts about our article in the comment box and we will respond soon.

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