Phone Unlock With Combination Safe Lock Screen!

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We lock our mobile with many types of applications to make it more secure, but some of them are applications that can enhance our security.

A good skill lies in selecting such applications, and our team has a lot of that skill. Because our team is always thinking about Android applications and never fails to select the best applications.

In this article we are going to choose the best mobile screen lock application, i.e. a combination safe lock screen application that is not predictable.

This article contains the comments made by the creator, the opportunity to download it, and all related photos, please download it clearly, and it is taken from this application store.

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Play RoleCombination Safe Lock Screen
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
App Size9MB
Offered ByThalia Spiele und Anwendungen
App PolicyPrivacy
AddressRehmstrasse 20 22299 Hamburg,Germany

Looking for a perfect security app? We present to you Combination Safe Lock Screen, one of the best phone security apps that will protect your smartphone or tablet from intruders.

Here you will find fantastic lock screen wallpapers that resemble a safe and also you can choose to show or hide your battery status, current time and date, missed calls, and new message notifications. Choose to set the code and enter a three-digit pin that will be known only to you.

Enable the unlock sound to hear a real clicking noise every time you set the password. With this free app for phone security, you will be able to lock up your phone so it won’t reveal your secrets! Download Combination Safe Lock Screen free of charge today!

How to set up this free app:

  • Open the application
  • Check the ‘enable lock screen’ box
  • Set safe code

How to use this locker:

  1. Swipe to unlock
  2. Choose your code
  3. Touch the button in the center to unlock your mobile device


  • Set background!
  • Set safe design!
  • Show or hide battery, time, and date!
  • Show or hide missed calls and new message notifications!
  • You can enable the unlock sound!
  • Take a look at the preview!
  • Download the app for free!

This maximum security app is very easy to use. Set a passcode using concentric circles containing three digits. To unlock your phone, enter the passcode. On entering the right pin code, the safe will open and the smartphone will unlock.

Whether you want to secure your phone or tablet from thieves or if you are looking for a unique way of unlocking your device, “Combination Safe Lock Screen” is the very thing you need to have an alternative way of securing your device with a strong password.

Download this high-security phone lock, a free app for smartphones that is very easy to use and comes with various features made for your convenience. There are several wallpapers in this “combination locker app” to choose from that will give your favorite device a futuristic look and you can also change the design and thus customize your own locked screen the way it suits your taste.

If you were looking for the safest way to protect your phone and privacy and make your device look cool at the same time then download Combination Safe Lock Screen free of charge today and feel secure because the smart screen lock is on the job!

Just set your “safe combination screen lock” and relax because you don’t have to hide your smartphone anymore. With the best safe and secure app, your sensitive data will be protected from intruders, and nosy friends won’t be able to rummage through your private photos and SMS messages.

Our display locker makes a realistic opening sound effect and an option to enter a three-digit “combination lock screen” that will be known only by you and no one else.

The free app will give your tablet as well as mobile a unique look and maximum security. Make haste, download the “best high-security screen lock” for free! Obtain Combination Safe Lock Screen today!

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Date Calendar VaultSIM Card Stop Calling
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How does it work?

Combination Safe Lock Screen!

This application consists of three or four circles containing individual 1-to-0-digit numbers, which when added to the correct location will unlock your mobile.

Download the application?

The article gives you an option to install, which will take you to the Play Store, from where you can download it, which is the easiest way, and the honest way too.

Phone Unlock With Combination Safe Lock Screen
Purpose Of Magic LockSecret Clock
Call Pin LockerNeed WhatsApp Chat

Let’s talk a few words with you!

It is better to protect it well than to pay too much and we are looking for many ways to keep it safe. That’s why our team recommended you a best Combination Safe Lock Screen method.

So definitely use this and share it with your friends and family, it will help them too.

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