Unlimited Storage 30GB

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Note: The Light Storage application in this section is not currently available in the Play Store, Google Play Store may have removed it for some reason. However, click this section to know and use more related applications, i.e., similar applications.

No matter how much storage is available in the mobile that we can use, once it is partially full, the performance of the mobile decreases, the mobile slows down and stops working properly with us.

I can’t even save important documents on mobile for fear of this, because we can save photos and videos that can be taken on mobile only through mobile, even then we face many storage problems.

But this article gives you an opportunity to avoid this, in other words you should get more storage for free, while the storage on your phone should be empty.

What is the benefit of this for mobile?

Keeping your mobile completely blank without any registration on it will increase your mobile speed and performance.

What we are telling you in this article is that unburdened man can walk faster, free Unlimited Storage application to carry your load i.e., your mobile load is given in this website article.

We have already recommended such free storage applications and you will get a chance to check them out in this article. Whereas this application is one of the best Unlimited Storage app found through Play Store so you can use it without fear.

Note: As of the date this article was published, you can find below the information related to this Unlimited Storage application (collected by Play Store). Please note that there may be some changes from time to time.

Important to note: There are many such Unlimited Storage applications available through play store, out of which the best application has been selected for you by our website team.

But please know that play store has the power to continue to provide and remove its service, and that decision is in your best interest. Scroll down to know more information and install.

Play Store Details

App Size27MB
RoleFree Storage
Nowadays Installs5,000+
Offered ByNextGen Apps LLC
Official WebsiteNA
Application Policyhttps://nextgenapps.dev/privacy-policy
AddressPO Box 573 Beltsville Maryland 20704 United States

Keep your photos, videos, and other documents in encrypted cloud storage, and access the files and folder whenever you want and wherever you are on any device. This is what this cloud storage app is all about.

Cloud Box, the free cloud storage app, offers unlimited cloud storage to upload images, videos, files, notes, locations, and recordings and keep them securely in an encrypted cloud drive. Users can start with 30 GB of free cloud storage with the option to upgrade and access unlimited cloud storage.

So, if you are looking for a secure and private cloud storage app to keep your files encrypted on the cloud, you’ve come to the right place. Download Cloud Box for free on your device and backup photos and videos in an encrypted drive with unlimited cloud storage.

Cloud Box, the free cloud storage to backup data, comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that you will get the whole idea as soon as trying to upload the very first file in your encrypted storage.

You can start with 30GB of free cloud storage, where you can store your photos and videos, and back up all your personal and business documents and files.

Security and privacy of your data is our #1 priority!

Using this free storage app you have access to an encrypted drive with unlimited cloud storage. You can backup photos and videos, and upload your personal and business files and folders, without having to worry about the security and privacy of your uploaded files.

All your uploaded photos and videos (and other files) are encrypted in secure cloud storage to ensure the highest possible security and compliance measurements.

How does this Unlimited Storage cloud app stand out in the competition?

While there are so many other free storage apps, why should I install Cloud Box with encrypted storage?

Cloud Box is recognized as the best cloud storage app by offering encrypted storage and its extreme security and compliance measures, as well as a very high reliability and robustness rate.

Encrypted storage: All your uploaded files and folders are kept encrypted in secure cloud storage.

Security and Compliance: You own your data, and we do whatever it takes to keep your personal and work-related data secure and private. Your encrypted storage is secured with multiple layers of protection to deliver maximum security.

Performance and Reliability: The advanced cloud storage with a high-reliability rate allows you to upload large files with ease and access your backed-up data seamlessly across connected devices on different platforms.

Why don’t you give this free cloud storage app a try?

Whether you are looking for a secure cloud storage app to back up your files, or you are looking for encrypted storage to move sensitive business data to cloud storage, we’ve got you covered.

You will have 30GB of free storage as soon as you create your account with the option to access it securely on the connected devices.

Download Cloud Box for free on your phone or tablet, upload photos, videos, and documents in an encrypted storage drive, and access your files and folders from the cloud securely.

Cloud Box’s main features at a glance:

  • Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
  • High-quality graphics with smooth animations
  • Get 30GB of free cloud storage with the option to upgrade to unlimited cloud storage
  • Available on Android and iOS devices
  • Backup data in an encrypted drive with multiple layers of protection
  • Useful for both personal and business use
  • Free storage app

So, Cloud Box, the free storage app, delivers everything you should expect from such cloud storage solutions, and it even sets the bar higher by offering unlimited cloud storage and the feature to backup data in encrypted storage for maximum security and compliance.

Download Cloud Box for free on your device and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests, or any other suggestions.

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How does the Unlimited Storage application work?

When you install this application and open an account, you get 30GB of free storage, with which you can save your friends.

Note that if you install the same Unlimited Storage application on another phone for example and enter your old account, all your documents will be restored.

It enables you to download and upload at the required moments, helping you to keep your mobile storage always free.

How to install?

Play store will give you an opportunity to install this free storage app for android, that is the best opportunity, installing there will be a best experience for a user, get a good update, only the path to it is given on our site, use it.

Unlimited Storage
Android Duplicates CleanerMicrosoft OneDrive
20 GB Cloud Storage Free1TB Free Cloud Storage

Let’s talk about the Unlimited Storage application!

Some people may think that using a free storage app like this is a bit of an afterthought, because we all fear that it should be a reliable platform when it comes to uploading our documents.

That’s why we took help of google play store in this matter, because google play store is appreciated and good value by many people, 99% of applications available from there are best for us, play store automatically removes bad applications.

So, you can use the application without any fear, follow google recommendation and you can also follow our website for future blog articles.

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