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Free 20GB Cloud Extra Storage We found great interest in you, selected you as the best application in our website article and recommended it to you.

You can find a reliable location with this application; we recommend you this application which is available in Google’s play store.

Below we have attached all related photos, information, which are collected for you from play store, after reading it all clearly, you can download and save your documents based on your preference, it will help you to keep your mobile free.

Play Store Details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleFree Storage
Nowadays Installs100,000+
App Size14.41MB
Offered ByMobiSystems
App Policy
Address4501 Mission Bay Drive, Suite 3A San Diego, CA 92109, USA

MobiDrive is the secure cloud storage ensuring the files that matter to you are always by your side. From its powerful file conversion and management options to its cross-platform and file-sharing capabilities, let’s have a look at everything MobiDrive has to offer.

Safe & Practical Storage

  1. 20 GB of free cloud storage that can be upgraded to up to 2 TB (2000 GB).
  2. Sync, Store or Download any file and folder in seconds.
  3. Back up local photos and videos automatically.

In-Depth File Management

  • Work with all major document or multimedia file types.
  • Convert files to hundreds of supported formats. (Premium feature)
  • Enjoy automatic content collection by file type – Pictures, Video, Music, and Documents.
  • Use dedicated sections for recently accessed files (Recent Files).
  • Manage deleted files in the special Bin section.
  • Track the changes made to your files with each file’s Version History.
  • 30 days of File Protection – Each file stored in the Bin will be there for 30 days before being removed. This includes access to each file’s Version Histories for up to 30 days back.

On-The-Go & Sharing Capabilities

  • Sync files cross-platform to the Web, Windows PC, and iOS versions of MobiDrive.
  • Share files and folders as an attachment or using a handy Download link.
  • Keep an eye on shared files with the ‘Shared by me’ and ‘Shared with me’ sections.
  • Keep a file ‘Offline’ to use when you don’t have an internet connection.


Get the full range of Mobile Drive capabilities by upgrading to Premium and enjoy these awesome features:

  • Up to 2 TB of Storage – Keep your local storage clean and your files safe with up to 2 TB (2000 GB) of cloud space.
  • 180 Days of File Protection – Work with deleted files in the Bin and manage Version Histories for up to 180 days.
  • Convert Files in 1200+ Formats – Don’t let file formats limit you. Convert all major document or multimedia file types.
  • Cross-Platform OfficeSuite Premium – Enjoy full Premium access to OfficeSuite versions on all platforms (Android, Windows PC & iOS).

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How does it work?

After installing this application, you will be allowed to open an account, which will give you 20GB of free storage, where you can store the things you need.

How to download it?

The opportunity to download the application is available on the play store, we have included the link on the website.

So, that you can easily go to the play store and download it, from there you will get the correct update from time to time.

20 GB Cloud Storage Free App
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my word

When we use something for free on mobile it should be more useful for us and should work on mobile as well. That’s how we came across this application.

So, we have tried to recommend it to you, its highlight is cloud storage, so you can use it without hesitation and get help.

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