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This website article is helpful for those of us who think it would be great if we could get some help keeping our mobiles safe. That means it is more helpful to turn off your mobile touch screen.

This way your mobile will be safe and secure so that no one can take it and use it, a great Play Store Top Eye Screen Hider application is available for you in this website article which can help you in this matter.

Play Store is the official website of Google and that’s why we have selected most of the applications there. From time to time, our team pays more attention to selecting the best applications out of all.

In this article, we have given the information related to this Top Eye Screen Hider app which can be turned off for the security of the mobile phone and the opportunity to collect and install it from the Play Store.

Note: As of the date of publication of this article, this information is collected by Play Store.

Important to note: Play store offers a lot of such applications, we have found the best of them for you, but if the service is good, you can continue to get it, if there are some changes that harm the users, the play store will automatically delete it, please know that the authority is with the play store. to know that this decision is entirely in your best interest.

Play Store App Details

App Size9MB
Rolelock AppTouch Lock
Nowadays Installs1,000+
Offered ByInventiveStudio
Official WebsiteNA
Application Policy

Quickly side your smartphone screen using the ultimate screen hider app. Apply the foremost privacy filter for your cellphone screen. Replace the original screen quickly with the image or black screen with an incredible privacy protector. Sneak the phone in a moment, and hide all content directly on your screen by applying the privacy guard.

The hiding screen is no more a worry, add a disguise cover and make a private screen. Screen hider provides you the option to hide the screen with a black screen or an image from the galley. Lock screen visibility in a crowded public place with a dark screen. Cover the phone screen with a mask or simply with a black screen.

The ultimate privacy protector for hiding screen content in a moment. Get a sneaky screen with a single tap, and recover the screen with your short keys. Get a variety of settings off with the screen hider application, and customize user settings with your desire.

No matter if you are in public and want to completely hide the screen. Screen hider helps you with a single tap on the hidden screen moveable icon.

Apply privacy screen filters and completely hind mobile phone screens from others. Customize setting with double tap on and off or any other keys to bring back your normal screen. Sneak a cellphone quickly and easily by applying a screen guard privacy filter.

  • Choose the hide screen type as a black image
  • By default, the screen hider is black
  • If you want other than a black screen then choose a photo
  • Add the desired photo as a screen lock(wide screen)
  • Choose unlock type double tap on or off or any other secret key

Key Features

  • Quickly hide the screen from other
  • choose screen type black or with an image
  • completely hide the screen in a moment
  • unblock screen with the desired action

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How does Top Eye Screen Hider work?

It provides a unique way to lock your phone. It means that the home page will be placed on your phone, and no one can open it, only you will be given the opportunity to open it.

How to install?

The opportunity to install this application is available on play store, we have provided a beautiful way to go there in our website article on the best green button, take advantage of it and download it.

Border Touch Blocker
White LockScreen Touch Lock
Touch PositionImage Touch Lock

Let’s talk about Top Eye Screen Hider App!

This is a must-have application for mobile users, because even if we lock our mobile with many types of lock methods, others can easily unlock it and guess it.

But Top Eye Screen Hider App is completely different, it can turn the phone completely black and block the display from working.

That’s why we recommend it to you, and one of the main reasons is that we found it to be the best application in the search for it. So, use it and recommend it to your friends.

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