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There are many applications to beautify the mobile home screen, but there is a Launcher app that has some unique functionality.

That way in this article Launcher will act like a fan with the application, i.e. all the options will display in a fan shape when you swipe your finger to amaze the viewers.

Representing a unique space and saving you time, you can bring up all the applications you can think of with that shortcut, and this section has an application that holds the best opportunity to do this.

And use it as it is an application taken from play store, related information is available below.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleLauncher
Nowadays Installs10,000+
App Size4MB
App PolicyPrivacy
Address4-15 Aoinishi Nakaku-ku, Hamamatsu City Shizuoka

We want to launch the application immediately! But have not you experienced irritation because you cannot find the application soon?

By using this launcher application, you can launch the application you want to launch in 2 seconds! By using this launcher, you can pre-register frequently used applications, shortcuts, etc., and start up immediately.

Furthermore, as a feature of this application, “display of application list” ~ “start-up” is complete with only 1 swipe! Also, since the app list is fan-shaped according to the movement of the thumb, the operation with the thumb is very easy.

As a convenient recommendation function, it is “a function to register a displayed launcher as is” or “page turning function”. Organization is possible on the page. Also, using “shortcut”, friends of LINE can also send messages directly.

After free period, You can choose from the following

  • Purchase of Premium License (no period limit)
  • Android OS License
  • Extended free period by watching video
  • Limit the items of lists to 4

License Types

  • Premium License
  • Android 8.0/8.1 License
  • Android 9.0 License
  • Android 10 License
  • Android 11 License
  • Android 12 License

Premium License: is a license that can be used on all Android operating systems without feature limitations.

The Android XX License: is a license for each major version of Android. Please note that if you update the Android major version of your phone, you will need a new Android major version license.

Date Calendar VaultSIM Card Stop Call
Status Video SplitterVolume Manager Vault
Quick Arc Launcher IND shorts
Image By Play Store
Style Home IND shorts
Image By Play Store
Android Quick Arc Launcher IND shorts
Image By Play Store
Style Home Quick Arc Launcher 2022 IND shorts
Image By Play Store
Style Home Quick Arc Launcher play store IND shorts
Image By Play Store

How does it work?

Once installed this application will change the whole look of your phone, the main feature of which is Shortcuts i.e., a fan shaped shortcut that occupies a small space on the home screen when you swipe on the phone.

You’ll have the option to hold the button to create that fan-shaped dropdown menu.

How to download?

We have given you the opportunity to download the application in green color and by clicking on it you will be taken to the play store. You can download it from there and the correct update will be available then.

Style Home Quick Arc Launcher
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To think of some

Making the mobile look beautiful is not a problem, but the skill lies in using an application with unique functionality to amaze others with a great application.

We choose and recommend you without giving you that trouble, so install this application and enjoy yourself.

Create shortcuts to amaze others and recommend them to your friends as there are many of them so visit it it will be helpful.

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