Mobile Internet Blocker: Safe Date

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A costly Internet package is wasted by unnecessary permissions. For example, we spend 500 rupees and buy internet pack per month which gives 1.5GB or 2GB per day on our mobile which we use for some viewing and browsing for our needs.

But now many applications that we use are unnecessarily wasting the internet on our mobiles because of our permission. This article provides an excellent Internet Blocker option to prevent this.

Note: We are going to provide you this Internet Blocker help in the form of an article, not only that, we have also attached a great Internet Blocker application, this data safer application is taken from play store.

And the special feature is that it is an application published following the policy of play store, which will give you extra help, good advice. Availability is significant.

Scroll down to get all the related photos, information, and even download opportunities. If you think you are short on time, then just hit this place and download the application directly.

Play Store Details

App Size4MB
RoleInternet Blocker
Nowadays Installs500,000+
PublishedNov 5, 2018
Offered Bysuperappsdev
Official Website
Application Policy

Are you looking for effective ways to limit internet usage? Do you want to block the internet for apps with a simple tap of a button?

Download Internet Blocker and take control of the Wi-Fi & data usage for each app on your Android device. Block internet access & force background data restriction for selected apps and have peace of mind knowing that they will not use your precious data or battery.

SIMPLE UI: Our net blocker app allows for a quick and easy way to limit the internet for apps. Block wifi & block data usage for any app by just tapping the switch.

The best part is that when you want to unblock the internet access, you can simply switch off the whole Internet Blocker app, instead of individually going back to switch off the internet blocking for each app.

NO ROOT – QUICK AND EASY: Block app internet access technology works for any Android smartphone with Android 5.1 and up. No root is required; simply select the apps and restrict internet access instantly.


  1. save your battery.
  2. reduce your data usage.
  3. increase your privacy.


  • Simple to use web blocker to control internet usage.
  • No root required.
  • One tap switch on/off for each app on your phone.
  • Switch the Internet Blocker on/off.
  • Our data blocker for apps supports android O.

If you want to block internet access, such as blocking the internet for WhatsApp, or similar apps that use background data, just download Internet Blocker.

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How to install it?

Internet Blocker

Its home page may tell you to download this application on mobile, i.e. go to play store, the opportunity to go there is given in our article, take advantage of it.

How does Internet Blocker work?

This Internet Blocker application allows you to block and pay for the Internet for many applications that you can use on your phone.

So, if you want to stop using data, you can stop some of the applications you use, so that your internet is backed up and saved.

Mobile Internet Blocker
Touch Translate OfflineNet Block for Selected Apps
Speaker Water CleanerSingle Touch Lock

Let’s talk about Internet Blocker App!

Let us think that we should save our money and not waste it, that is something that everyone can think of. But it is more important to protect a thing or a thing that money buys from being wasted.

So our team decided to select the best application to help you prevent unnecessary wastage of your mobile data and after much search we chose this application.

Apart from that as we have read above this application found through Google Play Store is only 4 MB so it will not take up much space on your phone but will provide a lot of help.

Till now more than five lakh people are downloading and using it, so please use this great application and recommend it to your friends.

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