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Mostly for language problem we use a lot of translate application and we need internet to use those applications. But here we are going to see a great Translate Offline application where you can convert any language to your native language offline without internet.

This Translate Offline application is taken from Google Play Store, it will translate all characters on your mobile display into your native language, no internet required.

Note: So, we have selected this kind of special Translate Offline Apps from play store and apart from that we have already provided many Translate Apps like this, we have given some apps in between in this article, check them out and benefit from them.

The information related to this application has been collected based on the news of this article, it is an application following the policy of the play store, that’s why we can see it there. And in this, we will have special advice.

Play Store Details

App Size25MB
Nowadays Installs10,000+
PublishedOct 26, 2021
Official WebsiteNA
Application Policy

Translate Offline Screen (Screen Translate) translates text right on the screen, translate anytime, anywhere, even when you are surfing the web or playing games. The translation is free offline and secure. We provide the latest machine learning to recognize text on the screen. -> Support more than 100 languages.


  • Translate on other apps
  • Translate text right on the phone screen
  • Translate game screen
  • Bubble Translation floating on the screen
  • Screen translation offline is the best
  • Scan and translate text on the screen
  • Recognize text by clicking
  • In chat mode, the app uses Accessibility Service to be able to autofill Edit Text after translation and recognize text

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Translation on Screen offline IND shorts
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How to install it?

Touch Translate On Screen Offline

It is important to note that the possibility of installing this Android Translate Offline App is given in the article, from there you can directly (go) download it, then you will get the correct update and future advice.

The Play Store will also not hesitate to remove the application if the recommendation is possibly incorrect.

How does this Translate Offline app work?

The way it works is different, it can convert many different languages of the world into their native language, and most importantly, it doesn’t require internet.

Translation on Screen offline
Screen TranslatorChat Translator
Speaker Water CleanerSingle Touch Lock

Let’s talk about Language Translate!

Language is to talk to each other through words so that this language problem does not occur, things like Translate App are created by the people.

Mobile translation applications such as these can create lasting understanding within relationships and lead to learning. That’s why we recommend such applications from time to time, so check them out, download and use them, and recommend them to your friends.

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