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A large number of SMS messages are shared through social media platforms, and tens of thousands of languages are spoken around the world, although humans prefer to communicate through text messaging.

So, knowing the news we get through social media in our mother tongue is seen as a very special activity.

All the information we share with everyone is a huge opportunity to grow our relationship and love. Otherwise, we may lose relations due to some language problem.

In this article you are going to see a Swift Translate option that will help you get all the information easily from this issue, this option is provided by the play store.

You can see all your text messages very clearly, not only that but also some other highlights which are listed below.

  • App Translator (Screen Translator)
  • Chat Translator for WhatsApp
  • Chat translator for Instagram
  • Photo Translator
  • Call Translator

Note: All information about this application is collected by the Play Store based on the news of this article and will be presented to you in this article, including photos, comments made while traveling.

All of them are clear and you can go to this application address and get the chance to download it, it is noted that some changes may be in future subject to the policy.

Note: There are a lot of such applications available, we have researched them all and selected the best ones and presented them as an article.

Please know that Play store will continue to offer such applications only if they follow the policies and Google will automatically remove the application in the future if it does not follow the Play store policies, this is a decision taken in our interest.

Play Store Details

App Size7MB
Nowadays Installs5,000,000+
Offered ByAwedea!
Official Website
Application Policy
AddressKaduna State, Nigeria.

Chat Translator (Swift Translate) is an app translator for translating WhatsApp chat and other messaging apps, it breaks the language barrier by allowing you to easily chat with people that speak foreign languages.

Chat translators auto-translate the text you receive to your preferred language and auto-translate the text you send to their language, making communication in foreign languages easier and faster. This app translator is an app to translate WhatsApp chat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and other chatting apps. A translator with voice transcription has also been added recently.

App Translator (Screen Translator): Can be used to translate text on your phone screen from any language to your preferred language. It is also possible to use the app to translate chat messages and translate web pages, comments, news, and social media posts.

All can be easily translated into your language with the App Translator feature of the chat translator. Screen Translator can be used to translate WhatsApp chat messages and other apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Chat Translator for WhatsApp: Feature of the app to translate chat messages while communicating with your friends and family that speak foreign languages. Like if you speak English and your friend speaks Spanish, you can auto-translate you from English to Spanish your chat messages. This app translator can be used to auto-translate chat messages or group chat messages.

Chat translator for Instagram: Feature of the app to translate text messages in Instagram to your language and translate outgoing messages to your friends in their language.

Photo Translator: Chat translator can be used for the translation of foreign text in images from all languages to your desired language. Chat Translator allows you to do this on any existing photo on your phone or just take a screenshot in any app with one click.

Call Translator: Translator with voice transcription and translation, voice chat with real-time transcription and translation with your friends that speak a different language than you. Chat translator will transcribe and translate what you are saying to your friend’s language and transcribe and translate what they are saying to your language.


  • Chat Translator for WhatsApp
  • Chat Translator for Instagram
  • App Translator: Translate any visible foreign text on your phone screen to your language.
  • Chat Translator for Facebook Messenger.
  • Photo translator: Detect and translate text in images.
  • Translate every message you receive in all languages to your language.
  • Automatically detect your friend’s language.
  • Translate every message you typed into a friend’s language.
  • Translator with voice transcription.

ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE: Swift Translate require ‘Accessibility API’ to function. This will allow the app to read text on the screen and then translate it for you. We do not save your data in any way.

DISCLAIMER: Swift Translate doesn’t have any relationship with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or any of the apps mentioned above. Chat Translator is just a translation tool to help you communicate easily with friends that speak foreign languages in these apps by translating text from all languages.

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How to download?

Multi Translator App

We have given you the option to download this Swift Translate application, when you click on that green colored button (following that route) you can go directly to that area and download this application, that’s the right solution.

How does this work?

It has the power to convert all the characters in mobile to your native language, text messages, photo characters.

Swift Translate
Delete ScreenshotScreen Translator
Image to PDF ConverterNotification Popup

Let’s talk about Swift Translate!

Language is an important thing for all but man there is no distinction of language but for man is divided into various languages and thus man faces division.

So we are very proud to recommend this Swift Translate application which can help you understand any language to all your friends. And it has the added advantage of being available through the Google Play Store.

Get the opportunity to understand many languages that can be spoken all over the world in your native language on your mobile, this is for you. Also give your feedback on this and we will reply soon.

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