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If you ask someone whether they need to think more about mobile volume, they will say that mobile volume is needed only in some cases. You may have a doubt as to what is the cause of that matter, we suggest you the best Volume Booster by Play Store to clear that doubt.

This article is made for the best music lovers: Generally, we have started listening to music on our mobiles, we listen to a variety of songs for peace of mind on our portable mobiles.

Some of these songs give a pleasant experience when listening, that is, when traveling on a bus or in a noisy environment, we feel that it would be better if the volume of the song on our mobile phone is a bit faster.

Otherwise, other noises will spoil our listening experience, while this Volume Booster App is useful for listening to songs in some different ways.

Is Volume Booster better?

One Volume Booster application that you are going to see in this article is a Volume Booster application that can help you with this matter, this High Volume application is available through Google Play Store and till now more than 10+M people are using it.

Note: This article contains all the information, photos related to Android Volume Booster App, check it out and benefit from it. These were collected as of the publication of this article and may change in the future.

Please note: such applications are recommended to Android users through the Play Store, although each application is released after a lot of research.

For example, only if the policies are followed, it will continue to recommend it and possibly remove non-compliant applications in the interest of the users, so only play store can give you the confidence that this Volume Booster application will continue to be available.

Use of this is at our own discretion, however please read the information below as it may teach you more information.

Play Store Details

App Size7MB
RoleVolume App
Nowadays Installs1000,000+
Offered ByLeopard V7
Official Website
Application Policy

Volume Booster: Loud Sound Speaker & Equalizer is a powerful app to boost the volume of your phone and tablet louder and boost the volume of megaphones and headphones.

Volume Booster & Extra Loud Sound Speaker helps super boost your Volume, Music, Speaker, Audio, and Voice. Making all sounds of your device much louder. Useful for movies, audiobooks, music, and games. It not only works for your phone or tablet but also works for your headphone and external speaker.

Volume Booster & Equalizer improve your music quality and amplify bass. This max volume booster for android helps you adjust the sound effects with a 5/10 band equalizer, bass booster, 3D virtualizer, Stereo surround sound effects and sound booster!

Volume Booster & Loud Sound Speaker

  1. Max volume booster, boost volume up to 200%.
  2. Effectively boost sound for all media such as music, video, and game.
  3. Extra volume booster for headphones & external speaker & Bluetooth.

Bass Boost & 3D Virtualizer

  • Bass booster for headphones
  • Stereo surround sound effects
  • 3D Virtualizer effect
  • Boost or amplify music bass to the level you want
  • Make media files produce quality sound in a digital surround support

Powerful Equalizer & Sound Effects

  • 5 Bands Equalizer
  • 10 bands Equalizer for android 10.x
  • Fulfill delicate musical taste: 31HZ, 62HZ, 125HZ, 250HZ, 500HZ, 1KHZ, 2KHZ, 4KHZ, 8KHZ, 16KHZ
  • 20+ Equalizer presets for your choice: Normal, Heavy, Rock, Dance, Flat, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Folk, R&B, etc.

More Features

  • Volume booster & Loudness enhancer
  • Bass booster & bass amplifier
  • Colorful visualization spectrum
  • Media volume control
  • Home screen widgets (1×1, 4×1, 2×2)
  • Easy Music Control: play/pause, next/previous song
  • Edge lighting
  • Beautiful and simple interface
  • Run in the background
  • No root required

Volume Booster & Equalizer is specially designed for music lovers to optimize their music listening experience. Volume Booster PRO can push the phone volume up higher than the system defaults.

Whether you’re listening to music, playing games, watching movies, or watching videos. Just free download Volume Booster & Extra Loud Sound Speaker now and start your new way of music!

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk: Playing audio at high volumes and hear Volume Styles, especially for a prolonged amount of time, can destroy speakers and/or damage hearing. We advise you to boost the volume step by step, to get the appropriate volume. By installing this application, you agree that you will not hold its developer responsible for any damage to hardware or hearing, and you are using it AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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How does Volume Booster work?

Volume Booster

This Volume Booster application will help you to increase the low volume on your phone, so it will help to increase the volume of any phone by 200 times.

How to download it?

This application is available through play store and the right solution is to go there and download it, so we have given the path there, you can follow that path and go directly to download it, then you will get proper recommendation and update.

SPEAKER SOUND Volume Booster
Neon Style VolumeVolume Button Changer
Speaker Volume BoosterVolume Button Oops

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Let’s talk about Mobile Volume Booster!

Such things fulfill our main need while it gives more capability to the mobile, so when using such applications, we must get from the best website.

Also, this Volume Booster application is available through google play store so please use it, (read all the information and use it according to your choice) and share this with your friends, stay connected with us, future best update play store will promise, thanks for your visit (and thanks for reading)

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