Volume Button Changer [VOLUME SECRET]

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The main options and applications you need for your mobile can be designed as a small box on the home page, which will automatically open when you press the volume button on your mobile, which is beautiful to look at and reflects the things you need inside it, all the viewers are amazed.

While this will save your time, for example, it is difficult to access everything in a mobile that carries many applications (option).

But we can fit some things that we often use when our mobile volume button is a small box and we can access the things that we need frequently.

There are many such Volume Button Changer applications, we have already provided detailed information about them, which you can find in this article.

Our website team has started recommending this Volume Button Changer application after finding it to be the best of all. (Remember that it offers you applications from the Play Store).

Information about Volume Button Changer

More information about this: This Volume Button Changer application is found through Google Play Store and given in this article along with photos, information, and a download option. You must acknowledge that this information is collected based on the date of publication of this article and may change in the future.

Know about: Play Store is a great site created by Google which is providing best application for the benefit of the users and all the applications are reflected in this site.

However, only the application that follows the policy will be featured here, maybe in the future the play store will voluntarily remove the application that violates the policy, this is the best decision that the play store will take in our interest.

Play Store Details

App Size4MB
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered By1 More App
Official Websitehttp://www.wormholeapps.com/
Application Policyhttps://sites.google.com/view/1moreapp-privacy-policy

Volume Button Changer” makes it easy to change or remap custom actions to your volume buttons.

It is easy to single-press, double-press, or long-press on a volume button to launch any apps, shortcuts, or custom actions.

Key Features: Single press, double press, or long press on a volume button to open any apps or actions. Disable the volume button!

Support several actions for single press, double press, and long press actions!

Key feature

  • Open the camera and take a photo.
  • Adjust screen brightness.
  • Back
  • Home
  • Recent
  • Lock screen
  • Toggle Wi-Fi on/off
  • Power menu
  • Split screen
  • Launch camera
  • Open volume control
  • Voice command
  • Web search
  • Toggle the “do not disturb” mode
  • Toggle notification panel
  • Toggle the quick setting panel
  • Toggle flashlight
  • Launch dialer
  • Launch web browser
  • Launch settings
  • Launch this application
  • Launch any application on your device
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Accessibility Service Usage: Volume Button Changer requires accessibility service permission to enable core functionality. The application will not read the sensitive data and any content on your screen. In addition, the application will not collect and share data from accessibility services with any third party.

By enabling the service, the application will support commands for press and long press actions with the following features:

  • Back.
  • Home and Recent actions.
  • Lock Screen.
  • Popup notifications, Quick settings, Power dialogs.
  • Toggle split screen.
  • Take a screenshot.
  • If you disable the accessibility service, the main features cannot work properly.

Frequently asked questions:

How to uninstall this app?

If you use the lock screen function, it requires turning on Device Administration. If you want to uninstall this app, please open the app and go to settings. There will be an uninstall menu to help you easily uninstall this application.

Permissions Explain

  • CALL_PHONE: for long press action of shortcut for Direct dial to someone in the contact list
  • ACCESS NOTIFICATION POLICY: for long press action to toggle DND mode on/off.
  • ACCESS WIFI STATE, CHANGE WIFI STATE: for long press action to toggle Wi-Fi on/off.
  • BLUETOOTH, BLUETOOTH ADMIN, BLUETOOTH CONNECT: for long press action to toggle Bluetooth on/off.
  • QUERY ALL PACKAGES: for long press action to open installed application.
  • READ EXTERNAL STORAGE, WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: for long press action to save the screenshot.
  • REQUEST DELETE PACKAGES: for the menu uninstall this app. (this menu will show if the user activates device admin for lock screen action for Android O and below)
  • SYSTEM ALERT WINDOW: show the navigation bar on the screen.
  • VIBRATE: for the option to vibrate when touching the navigation button.
  • WRITE SETTINGS: for long press action to toggle auto-rotate the screen, lock portrait or landscape, toggle auto-brightness, increase/decrease brightness.

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How does this work?

Volume Button Changer [VOLUME SECRET]

After installing this application, you can create a shortcut, you can find that box on the home page of your phone, you can open and close it whenever you need, you can attach some applications that you frequently access, so that you can save your time and handle the phone in a different way.

How to install it?

It is noted that the option to install this Volume Button Changer application is given in the article as one way, when you follow that way, you can go to the home page of this application in play store and download it, that will be the best solution and will pave the way for future better update.

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Let’s talk about the Volume Button Changer app!

Many such custom bar applications can enhance the beauty of the phone and also help you save a lot of time so that you can have the home screen of your phone that you need (things you need) and use it clearly.

At the same time, we are proud that this is an application provided by play store and we feel that you will get more help and clarity in compiling the information collected from there, so support future great articles and share this article with your friends.

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