Custom Notes In Notification Bar App

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This is a collection of notepad application that helps you to remember the things you write down with mobile notepad.

It is completely free, while it can remind you of many things in many moments.

We have created this website article to help you and discuss this opportunity with you.

The Notepad Pin Android application that we are recommending you in this article is taken from the Play Store website.

Below we have compiled all the more information about it, all that information is the information given by the creator of this application, and see the photos and everything clearly, download and use it.

Play store Details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleNotes In Notification Bar
Nowadays Installs500,000+
App Size10MB
App PolicyPrivacy
AddressVenkateshwar Appartments, Sector 6, Jagrati Vihar, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250004
Why Use ThisRequired

Purpose: An average human checks his/her phone 80 times a day which means his/her eyes check the notification area 80 times after beginning the day and before going to sleep.

With the help of this app added notes are shown in the notification bar and are sticky which means they are not swipe-able, unlike general notifications.

The pinned notifications constantly remind you of tasks that are urgent and you fear to forget. For example filling out an exam form, calling someone, or wishing for someone.

How note pin is different from other notes and reminder apps?

Reminder apps send a notification or ring alarm to which a user mostly dismisses and in spite of getting the reminder forgets to do the task as it gets out of the mind after a few minutes of dismissing the reminder.

In comparison, a note pin helps you pin notes or reminders as notifications so that it constantly reminds you every time you unlock your phone or swipe down the notification panel.

Notes Sorting Order: Notes can be sorted on the basis of- priority levels recently added first and recently added last.

Priority Levels: Notes can be added with three levels, High, Medium, and Low. Each note has a color associated with it which is shown as a symbol in the notification signifying the urgency of the work.

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Notes in notification bar app IND shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Notes in notification bar app 2022 IND shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Notes in notification bar app for android IND shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Notes in notification bar app play store IND shorts
Image Source: Play Store

How does it work?

If you jot something down in a notepad, you can pin it down the next day.

When you pin it, it will appear on the home screen of your phone, so that you can do that thing at the right time.

How to download?

The option to download is available on Play Store, we recommend you go there directly without changing it.

We have given the path on the website; you can navigate and download it from play store, and you will get updates from time to time.

Custom Notes In Notification Bar App
20 GB CloudPhoto to PDF
Net Block1TB Free Cloud

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